In the Coming of Tomorrow (Book 3)
In the Coming of Tomorrow (Book 3)

In the Coming of Tomorrow (Book 3)

Lass of Legend Series
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In this magical time-travel romance from USA Today bestselling author Bree Wolf, 18th century Yvaine finds herself transported back to medieval Scotland, where she is swept into an ancient legend, an all-consuming forbidden love, and a centuries-old feud threatening everyone she holds dear.

In the aftermath of inter-clan bloodshed, Yvaine and Caelen defy their birthright as enemies, seeking refuge with their followers on the enchanting Fey Isles to forge a new future. Their love, forged across battle lines, now faces the ultimate test. Yvaine grapples with a heart-wrenching decision: to stay with Caelen in this ancient realm, or return to the future and the family she remembers.

As leader, Caelen is haunted by the prospect of Yvaine's departure and the looming threat of old adversaries who seek their destruction. Just when peace within their new haven seems possible, whispers of an imminent attack by those harboring ancient grudges threaten to shatter their dream.

With their existence on a knife-edge, an ally emerges from the mists of the isles, offering aid. But with time running out, Yvaine and Caelen must stand united to protect their people and their love. In a place where myth becomes reality, they confront the ultimate test: can their love withstand the shadows of the past, or will the sins of their ancestors doom them to repeat history?

Embark on a journey to the Fey Isles, where legend and love intertwine, and discover if Yvaine and Caelen’s passion has the power to transcend time and alter fate.

Full of fantasy, adventure, and romance, In the Coming of Tomorrow is a swoon-worthy time-travel love story. With vivid historical details and heart-pounding action, it's a timeless tale of hope triumphing over hatred, fate vs. free will, and love's ability to mend bridges across the uncrossable chasms of time.

This book is book three in the Lass of Legend series. Readers enjoy reading it in order. Start with book 1, Like the Break of Dawn!

As Caelen stood guard outside the hidden entrance, his thoughts wandered to their first meeting when he had sneaked into MacLeòir Castle dressed as a merchant. He remembered how the sight of Yvaine in the moonlit gardens had bewitched him, and how he had offered to help her despite having barely known her.

“’Twas fate that brought us together, Yvaine,” he thought, his heart swelling with love for the brave woman who had changed his life forever. “And I willna let anything tear us apart.” Fate, he thought as that one word circled in his mind. He remembered vividly how Yvaine had spoken to him of a legend told by her people.

The legend of Yvaine and Caelen.

Of their love.

Aye, had they truly been meant to find one another? Admittedly, Caelen had never cherished the thought of his steps being predetermined. Yet over the course of the past few months, a lot had happened that now gave him pause. Made him reconsider. The truth was that he still did not know and that, most likely, he never would. In the end, perhaps, it did not even matter if they had been destined to find one another or if their paths had crossed by coincidence alone. What truly mattered was that Caelen loved her and could not imagine a life without her.

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A mystical time slip sends her into the arms of her destined soulmate, but a generations-old blood feud stands in the way of their forbidden love...

Can Yvaine and Caelen's romance overcome all odds to bring their warring Scottish clans together?

Discover the magic now!


BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Labrada
Awesome Conclusion

I just loved the way the story came together. This 3rd and final book in the series was an epic conclusion. The love between Yvaine and Caelen was a love for the ages. Literally!

Gina Johnson
Love through the ages

An epic ending to an epic saga full of love, resilience, fighting for what's right and magic. I was enamored with how much Caelen loved Yvaine and how she sacrificed going back to her time for him. There were some happy surprises that will delight you.

Rainelle Barrett
Scottish Historical Romance

And so Yavine and Carlene’s story is a story of all saga stories. To where the readers will remember a love story that felt so real. I loved the four heroes who stood together, with the strong belief of creating a new island, with the hopes that people will find sanctuary. The book was very easy to read. I found myself turning page after page.
I was into the story at this point. I was thinking, time to answer the call Lachlan. Your dues will be collected now. The writing is strong and very passionate. In my opinion the writer wanted every question that you may have about the two families, answered in great detail.
So with a very structured path to the ending, the story within the story was amazing and very telling. The entertainment within the family drama, action, suspense and a who - done it is as diabolical as two families can get. As the Vikings or Normans would say, the telling of this love story is bloody marvelous. Solution after solution and or dangerous missions that Yavite, Calen and their counterparts took seemed to stretch the tension tighter and tighter. I loved the softer side of the story.
One of those moments is when Yavite’s brother, Logan appeared before her. I had my doubts about his return, but as the book continued things became much clearer for me. The romance between Yvaine and Carlene takes a sharp right turn to oh my! The romance was a good distraction when one faces such harsh and Treacherous family members. The end was truly how I imagined that it should end.
The stone leads me to believe that there could be more to the story. I don’t know. Maybe I’m a person who looks for the joy of everything. I give this story two snaps and a, “Leave no stone unturned young one.” Until next time my fellow readers. Read on!

Peggy Collins

Will she stay in her new life and with her love, or will she return to the family she misses? Yvaine and Calen have been through a lot to bring their people together and get them to a new home. Although the way forward won’t be easy, the new clan is settling in on the island. There is still intrigue and danger, but there is hope. I have been completely taken by Yvaine and Calen throughout their journey. The final story in the series is gripping and heartwarming. Yes, both. There are some surprises good and bad, present and future. A wonderful ending for the series and a wonderful beginning for Clan MacKinnear.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Well done!

I've enjoyed this riveting tale as Yvaine travels through a portal 400 years earlier. The third and final book in this series, "In the Coming of Tomorrow", brings the story to a well-written ending with loose ends tied up, characters from previous books included. Through it all, Yvaine has a choice to make--stay or return home--a difficult choice. And what will become of Caelen's heart if she doesn't stay? Can he let her leave? Will Yvaine follow the legend that had been told and retold, or will she change the course of history?
Secrets are uncovered, choices made that could change the course of history, and there are plenty of twists and turns. I was delighted when family came together to fight an epic battle. The author's creativity in weaving future and past was awe-inspiring. I recommend the "Lass of Legend" series. Well done! Note: It is recommended to read the books in this series in order.
I received a complimentary ARC of this book and have voluntarily given my honest opinion in this review.

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