By the Grey Light of Morning (Book 2)
By the Grey Light of Morning (Book 2)

By the Grey Light of Morning (Book 2)

Lass of Legend Series
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When a mystical pool propels free-spirited Yvaine centuries into the past, she finds herself entangled in a forbidden romance that could finally unite the warring medieval clans of Scotland in this magical time-travel romance from USA Today bestselling author Bree Wolf.

Yvaine MacKinnear stands at the crossroads of destiny, fully aware of the prophecy that foretells the end of her clan. Blackmailed by her father, she braces for a loveless union with Malcolm Morganach, the scarred leader of a rival clan, to protect her beloved Caelen. With her heart torn between duty and love, she prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice, unaware that Caelen has escaped her father’s clutches and is plotting her rescue.

Legend foretells that only Yvaine can bring peace to the warring clans. But destiny and doubt clash when history seems fated to repeat its violent mistakes. However, unwilling to accept a fate written in the stars, Yvaine and Caelen concoct a daring scheme to unite their people and turn the tide of enmity that has long divided them.

Amidst whispers of war, the depth of Yvaine and Caelen’s love is put to the test. Can their passion forge a new destiny and avert the foretold ruin, or will the hatred of centuries extinguish their last hope for peace?

Embark on this enthralling Highland saga—a tale reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, crafted for devotees of Outlander, Forbidden, and The Winter Sea.

This book is book two in the Lass of Legend series. Readers enjoy reading it in order. Start with book 1, Like the Break of Dawn!

The trembling sensation returned to Yvaine’s limbs, and yet it felt different this time. The flutter was not one born out of anxiety, of doubt; instead, it felt warm and teasing and comforting. “What is it ye want?”

“Ye,” Caelen said simply. “I want ye. Here. With me. For always.” He shrugged helplessly, an almost apologetic expression upon his face. “Ye’re the one. I knew it from the first moment we met. Not one day has passed that I didna think of ye, that I didna wish ye were here with me. I dunna ken if that is the will of the Fey, and truth be told, I dunna care.” His hands reached out and cupped her face gently, his deep blue eyes sending chills across her skin as they looked into hers. “All my life, I’ve lived for my clan. Every choice I’ve made has been for them. They deserve my loyalty and support, and I hold no regrets.” He sighed deeply, and she could feel the soft touch of his breath against her lips. “Now, though, for once, I simply wish to walk my own path, not that of my clan. I’m simply Caelen, a man, who finds himself rather unexpectedly swept off his feet by a most unusual woman.” He grinned at her mischievously.

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A mystical time slip sends her into the arms of her destined soulmate, but a generations-old blood feud stands in the way of their forbidden love...

Can Yvaine and Caelen's romance overcome all odds to bring their warring Scottish clans together?

Discover the magic now!


BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Labrada
Just keeps getting better

This is the second installment of the Lass of Legend series. I enjoyed this one even more than the first as it took us deeper into the forbidden love of Yvaine and Caelen. In this book, Yvaine is taken to the home of another Clan that her ruthless father wants to secure an alliance with through marriage. Yvaine protests but is made to capitulate once Caelen is threatened. Meanwhile, Caelen, aside from being heartsick, has other issues of his own to deal with. So much came together in this book, yet so much remains unanswered and unwritten. Can't wait to start the next!

Gina Johnson

A magical, engaging story with great characters and storyline. Yvaine is a strong woman who has many decisions to make. Caelen stays by her side. Their love is precious. They try to bring peace but history does not reveal it. They also have hanging over their head if Yvaine will go back to her time. A new, peaceful clan is their hope.

Rainelle Barrett
Scottish Historical Romance

By The Grey Light of Morning. My fellow readers. Yavaine and Caelen continue the mission, and possible romance in the hopes of happiness for them selves. At the same time they fight to the death to bring peace and harmony for both of their clan members. I enjoyed the excitement of the intensifying action moments fro Yavaine, Caelen.
The moments that I enjoy is when they race across the Scottish lands to fight or prevent wars from breaking out among the people. The secrets and lies spreading around the Lairds in the castle basically provided all of the entertainment for the book. Something disastrous things happened to change the playing field for Yavaine and Caelen, but I believe that things will come around and happiness to the four friends. I enjoyed this second installment and I look forward to the next one. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Yvaine and Caelen

This is the second book in this series.
Yvaine has not been happy, she is being forced to marry a man of her father's choosing.
It will cost her so much, including the man that she loves, Caelen.

The author has excelled in this time travel historical romance.
The characters have strong personalities and almost jump off the page, as I read the book.

I recommend this book to you, it really is a wonderful read.
I would suggest you read book 1 first.


Great Story

I am not a fan of Time Travel Romance or cliffhangers, but I am a fan of Bree Wolf’s stories. The series has not disappointed so far and I am really enjoying it. It is full of action, adventures and romance. I am glad I am giving this series a try and can’t wait to see how it concludes!!

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