Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (Book 6)
Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (Book 6)
Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (Book 6)
Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (Book 6)
Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (Book 6)
Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (Book 6)

Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (Book 6)

The Whickertons in Love Series
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Troy Beaumont, only son to the Earl of Whickerton, risked his heart once... and came to regret it. When the beautiful recently widowed Lady Leonora - or Nora - comes back into his life, he is torn between duty and desire...

💕 Friends-to-lovers

❄️ Star-crossed lovers

💕 Second chance at love

❄️ Secret admirer

💕 Unrequited love

❄️ Jilted lord

England 1803: TROY BEAUMONT, only son to the EARL OF WHICKERTON, risked his heart once…and came to regret it. Now, he knows only duty, forsaking his family’s tradition to marry for love and love alone. Truth be told, he would rather not marry at all; however, as his father’s only heir, Troy knows he cannot be selfish. He must marry. But who?

LADY LEONORA—or NORA—lost her heart once, mere days before her marriage to another man. Ever since, she has been living a life of regret…until—most unexpectedly—her husband succumbs to his scandalous exploits and she returns to her old home a young widow. Loath of her year of mourning, Nora rides out one day, only to have her path cross…


After avoiding Nora’s presence these past few years, Troy is shocked to find himself face to face with the girl who once stole his heart. He knows he should turn around and leave. Yet his feet refuse to comply, holding him in place as old feelings reawaken, for her teasing smile and compassionate eyes spark an old familiarity. 

Once, they were friends. Once, they knew each other. Once, there was love between them. Could there be again?

Nora is overcome by the way her heart trips and stumbles the moment her eyes fall on Troy. For years, the dreaded thing felt almost dormant, making her wonder if it ever truly functioned in the first place. But why now? Now, that she knows there can be no future for them? After all, Troy needs an heir, and she…cannot provide one.


The Whickertons in Love

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#6 Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss

​​​​​​​Prequel to the series:
Once Upon A Kiss Gone Horribly Wrong
Christmas novella: Once Upon an Aggravatingly Heroic Kiss

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BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Lesley Walsh
A Sweet Second Chance

One kiss changed everything but too late to stop Nora marrying another. Now Nora is a widow but Troy is loath to risk his heart again and in Nora’s mind there is an insurmountable problem to their ever being together. However neither of them have taken Grandma Edie into account!

A Delightful Regency Romance!

A friends-to-more romance between Troy Beaumont, Earl of Whickerton, and Lady Nora who grew up together and were friends until their first kiss. Unfortunately, that kiss occurred just before Nora married another. Neither of them can forget that kiss or each other. Nora returns home after her husband dies, runs into Troy at the place of their first kiss. Troy had a way of pushing others away and holding them at arm's length; he filled the title of Earl of Whickerton well. He watched his sisters all marry, and the Whickerton household was filled with family. But he wanted more. Nora and Troy reacquaint secretly, fall deeper in love, but she cannot marry him because of a secret she holds. But then what she thinks to be "impossible" happens! A wonderful swoon-worthy love story. I enjoyed becoming reacquainted with previous family members and friends, new babies born, and--most fun of all--Grandma Edie! A delightful Regency romance! I received a complimentary ARC of this book and have voluntarily given my honest opinion in this review. I'm looking forward to the mysterious Keir MacKinnear's story soon!

Bree Wolf has a way of writing characters that take root in your soul.

“No one should have to live without love in their life.” Indeed, The Whickerton family’s number 1 rule, Whickerton’s marry for love. Troy lost his love 5 years ago when she married another. Nora also lost her love that day, honouring a promise made while her heart belonged to Troy. Missed opportunities sometimes come full circle, and when Nora is widowed and returns home, Troy has the chance to change their past.

Bree Wolf has a way of writing characters that take root in your soul. You cannot help but feel for them, feel with them. After 7 stories of Whickertons, I thought I had come to know this family. I was completely unprepared for some of the revelations that came out in this story. A history we thought we understood, completely turned on it’s head. This made the story remarkably compelling. I expected the truly heart-wrenching story that would bound to come in Troy & Nora. After the conclusion of the last book, we knew certain expectations, but I was completely taken aback by a few surprises. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and this family and am grateful that we are not through with this group just yet. Cannot wait to read the next instalment of the Whickertons.

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