Lass of Legend - Complete Series Bundle
Lass of Legend - Complete Series Bundle
Lass of Legend - Complete Series Bundle
Lass of Legend - Complete Series Bundle

Lass of Legend - Complete Series Bundle

Lass of Legend Series
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In this magical time-travel romance by USA Today bestselling author Bree Wolf, a fiery lass is sent centuries into the past where her defiant spirit clashes with her destiny, igniting a forbidden passion that could finally mend the bloody feud dividing medieval Scotland.

Save by getting this series bundle including all 3 books of the Lass of Legends trilogy!

Scotland 1801: Yvaine MacKinnear's world is turned upside down when she is transported back in time to medieval Scotland and into the middle of a decades-long feud between the rival MacLeòir and MacCarmaig clans.

Thrust into an unfamiliar world where she's now the long-lost daughter of the cold and ruthless MacLeòir chieftain, Yvaine must fight to reconcile her identity, resist her father's attempts to marry her off for political gain, and find a way back to the idyllic island home - and family - she left behind.

When she encounters Caelen, the handsome son of the MacCarmaig chieftain, forbidden feelings ignite between them despite the long and bloody history dividing their clans. As danger and betrayals threaten them from all sides, Yvaine and Caelen find themselves willing to sacrifice everything for love and peace. But can their budding romance withstand the swirling storms of war, or will fate tear their star-crossed relationship apart?

Immerse yourself in this gripping historical fantasy romance set in mystical medieval Scotland. As an exhilarating adventure of clashing swords, simmering romance, and tests of loyalty and sacrifice unfolds, Yvaine must fight for love and freedom while unraveling the mystery of whether she and Caelen are truly destined soulmates like the legends foretold.

Defying all expectations for the role of a lady in her time, Yvaine emerges as a strong-willed heroine whose choices will define the future of her people. Will she fulfill her preordained fate to bring peace to the clans? Or will the course of history be forever altered?

“Are ye all right, lass?” Caelen murmured, jarring her from her thoughts. His dark eyes held kindness as they swept her face, his forehead furrowed in concern. “Yvaine?” He shifted upon his feet, his tall stature a looming shadow as he leaned closer, and then he reached out a hand as though longing to touch her face.

Yvaine tensed, suddenly overcome by the realization that Caelen—Caelen MacCarmaig!—was standing right here in front of her. Caelen MacCarmaig from the legends of old with eyes the color of a deep sky, and hair as dark as night. The sight of him sent her pulse racing. His powerful frame, toned and tall, exuded strength, and yet shrouded in darkness, a certain air of mystery surrounded him. Always had he been her hero—he and Yvaine both—and now...

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A mystical time slip sends her into the arms of her destined soulmate, but a generations-old blood feud stands in the way of their forbidden love...

Can Yvaine and Caelen's romance overcome all odds to bring their warring Scottish clans together?

Discover the magic now!

What readers say...


I have never met (read ;)) a Bree Wolf novel I didn’t enjoy. I read this in about 2 days, I was totally sucked in to Yvaine and Caelen’s story!

Jessica Russel

I just can't put them down! I'm reading late at night and hate to go to bed! They are very well written and I love that there isn't bad language or scenes. Just lots of adventure, drama and set on the edge of my seat, to see what happens next! Thank you for writing such awesome books!

Berneta Grange

This was a fast-paced, swoon-worthy read, that I found I did not want to put down! The story was fresh, original and exciting with characters that are realistic and likable. It is everything you could want in a rousing romp through the pages of a historical romance and more!

Tammy Windsor


BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Westhoven
The best books ever

I love this series. I could not stop reading, when I wasn't reading all I could do was think about the story and what would happen next. I wanted the series to go on and on. Please tell us you are writing another series for us to read because the first three books weren't enough! I will be thinking of the story for a long long time. I thank you for writing it it was beautiful.

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