A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)
A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)
A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)
A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)
A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)
A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)
A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)

A Duke, Love & Sunshine (Book 1)

The Seaside Society of Spinsters Series
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In this enchanting Regency romance by multi-award-winning author Tabetha Waite, a spirited landscape architect clashes with an enigmatic Duke, igniting a dance of wit and desire that will leave you breathless.

🔥 Dashing duke

💙 Fierce spinster

🔥 Landscaping & art

💙 Seaside retreat

🔥 Independent lady

💙 Steamy slow-burn romance

An independent woman hoping to fulfill a dream.
A duke who can’t seem to ignore his attraction to the lady.
Together they uncover their heart’s desire.

With a spirit that knows no bounds, Miss Iona Richards sets her sights on independence and greatness as a landscape architect in Burnham-On-Sea. However, her ambitious dream encounters an unexpected roadblock in the form of the enigmatic Duke of Rosewood.

Thorpe Covington, the Duke of Rosewood, is deeply skeptical of Iona’s abilities, yet undeniably drawn to her spirited nature. As she seeks to transform his cottage retreat, a captivating dance of wit and longing ensues between the two. Soon, the duke’s stoic façade crumbles under Iona’s charm, entwining their hearts in a journey of self-discovery and desire.

In the enchanting realm of Burnham-On-Sea, passion, and ambition intertwine, and the Duke of Rosewood finds himself yearning for a love that surpasses society’s expectations. In this heartwarming tale, Miss Iona Richards and the Duke of Rosewood uncover a love more vibrant and beautiful than any masterpiece they could have imagined.

Immerse yourself in this heartwarming Regency romance today!

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What readers say...


A lovely and witty romance to read, I was quickly enchanted by this story of a woman landscape architect and her Duke. Iona and Thorpe are wonderful characters and the setting of Burnham-On-Sea is divine. This romance is full of desire, longing and an attraction that can't be denied.


I loved this delightful exploration of love and ambition set against the backdrop of the enchanting Burnham-On-Sea; it's guaranteed to make you swoon and smile as the spirited heroine and a brooding duke find their hearts' desire. The author creates a vivid and engaging world, filled with colorful characters, witty dialogue, and beautiful scenery.

Lana B

The first in a new series & an utterly beautiful romance. I loved the chemistry between Thorpe & Iona. The couples banter was witty & the chemistry just got hotter & hotter. There was also a delightful mix of secondary characters. I loved it!

Janet Barrett

ABOUT Tabetha

Tabetha Waite began her writing journey at a young age. At nine years old, she was crafting stories of all kinds on an old Underwood typewriter. She started reading romance in high school and immediately fell in love with the genre. She gained her first publishing contract with Etopia Press and released her debut novel in July of 2016 – “Why the Earl is After the Girl,” the first book in her Ways of Love historical romance series.

Customer Reviews

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Pamela Barbee
Spinsters and Love

This is a story that shares some of the beginnings of English women deciding to become spinisters and follow their dreams instead of entering into a loveless, unhappy marriage. Iona and Thorpe were certainly two very different and interesting characters for this time period. There are some graphic sex scenes in this story.

A Brilliant Start to a New Series!

This is the kick-off to a new series, Seaside Society of Spinsters, and what a brilliant start it is! Iona is an ambitious and spirited lady, and she defies the cultural norm by pursuing her architectural interests, despite the constraints of society. She meets with Thorpe, Duke of Rosewood, for a position as his landscape architect, but he dismisses her because of her gender. However, later thinking on it, he is impressed by her talent and greatly intrigued by her spirited nature and decides to hire her. Together, they aim to restore his seaside cottage and as they do, Thorpe's admiration for her work and her ambition grows more and more by the day as does his attraction for her. Iona is equally as attracted to him, but pursuing her dream comes first and foremost. Thorpe initially accepts that, but can't get her out of his mind. He fully supports her endeavors. Now he just needs to convince her that she can follow her dreams and be his duchess.
A thoroughly entertaining story with well-developed and likable characters. The storyline flowed smoothly and I was completely engaged in the story from start to finish. This was a very enjoyable book and I look forward to following the series.
I received a complimentary copy from Wolf Publishing and am voluntarily leaving my review.

Margaret Murray-Evans

Miss Iona Richards has only one dream, to be a successful landscape architect. Rejected by her family for her ambition, she finds help from the ladies of The Seaside Society at Burnham-On-Sea. Thorpe Covington, the Duke of Rosewood, is restoring his mother's cottage and he's looking for a landscape architect. At first he rejects Iona for the job because she's a woman. It's not long before he realizes his mistake and hires her for the job, using his power and clout to protect her. It's the same problem of a difference in class when they both can't deny their attraction.
Emotionally intense, there is a blazing passion between Iona and Thorpe. One of my favorite complicated tropes.
Very explicit sex.
I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book gifted by the publisher.

Delightful story about strength, independence, and romance

A Duke, Love and Sunshine by Tabetha Waite is a delightful story about strength, independence, and romance. Iona Richards wants to make her mark upon the world with her own landscaping business. She sets out on her own after coming across an advertisement regarding a boarding house specifically for spinsters wishing to make their own way. The owners of the boarding house, Miss Stratford and Miss Grantham, help support and encourage Iona. They are instrumental in Iona interviewing with Thorpe Covington, the Duke of Rosewood, to revive the landscaping for his nearby cottage. That begins the relationship between Iona and Thorpe. It was so much fun to watch the relationship grow through their ups and downs. The story has a good balance of adventure and romance with charming and likable characters.

Rainelle Barrett
Historical Romance

I thought that the story was genuinely sweet. I took Iona’s character to be dominant almost controlling over the beginning of the friendship and courtship of Iona and Thorpe. The characters are often times witty, however they help bring to the story the fun and excitement of friendship. The entertainment is the genuine romance between Thorp and Iona. This is a page turner that is an easy read. Until next time my fellow readers. Read on! I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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