Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)
Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)
Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)
Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)
Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)
Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)
Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)
Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)

Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Book 3)

The Seaside Society of Spinsters Series
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In the salons of Seaside Society, whispers of scandal follow Miss Vanessa Carter like a shadow. Will the arrival of Viscount Fane bring salvation or further turmoil?

💙 Friends-to-lovers 

🔥 Second chance 

💙 Struggeling artist

🔥 Dark secrets

💙 Enchanting viscount

🔥 Seaside retreat

Step into the enchanting world of Miss Vanessa Carter, where secrets swirl like the ocean waves at Seaside Society. Seeking a fresh start, Vanessa hides a mysterious past, haunted by the fear of her sins catching up with her. Little did she know that offering guidance to a struggling artist would unravel the carefully woven threads of her hidden identity. As the captivating Lord Fane enters the scene, Vanessa battles the temptation of more than just friendship.

Easton Alden, the artistic Viscount Fane, never planned to extend his stay in Burnham-On-Sea. However, the moment he encounters Vanessa, his world transforms. She becomes the muse he never knew he needed, but complications arise as her secrets unfold. Determined to win her heart, Fane faces dire straits, vowing to clear his name and protect Vanessa's reputation.

Join them on a thrilling journey through the Seaside Society, where love blossoms amid deception. Uncover the truth, explore newfound passions, and witness a tale of self-discovery that culminates in the sweet embrace of true devotion. Will Vanessa and Fane defy the odds stacked against them, or will the waves of destiny wash away their chance at happiness? Dive into a world where love is the ultimate masterpiece, waiting to be unveiled.

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ABOUT Tabetha

Tabetha Waite began her writing journey at a young age. At nine years old, she was crafting stories of all kinds on an old Underwood typewriter. She started reading romance in high school and immediately fell in love with the genre. She gained her first publishing contract with Etopia Press and released her debut novel in July of 2016 – “Why the Earl is After the Girl,” the first book in her Ways of Love historical romance series.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
A truly beautiful story of hope and creating your own happiness.

A lovely conclusion to a charming series. The Seaside Society of Spinsters is a home that encourages women to claim their independence, run by some determined women who want nothing more than to help young women find their place. Vanessa is indeed a woman of mystery, she had always stood alone within the house, refusing to get close to anyone. But the women of this place are a very determined sort and she will learn that friends are there for you whether you look for it or not. As she gets to know Lord Vane, their connection grows every day until neither can deny the truth of their affections. Their path is not smooth one but as unpredictable as the shore, never knowing when he next wave will crest. Wave after wave of complications threaten to overwhelm they but their love is stronger than even they realize. What stood out for me was the character development in this story, both Vanessa and Easton begin in places of emotional turmoil, and throughout the story they learn how to accept what they can not change and persevere against any obstacle when change is possible. Many life lessons can be found in their examples. A truly beautiful story of hope and creating your own happiness.

Nicole Atkeson
Paintings, Adventure and Love

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series.

Vanessa and Easton both have a passion for painting.

But they both face serious troubles before they realize they not only love painting but they love each other.

With the help of some side characters they are able to put the troubles to rest and focus on the paintings and each other and Ireland.

What a great story to end this series with.

I can't wait to see what else Tabetha Waite has in store for us.

I received this as an advanced reader's copy from wolf publishing in exchange for honest review and this is purely based upon my own personal opinion and that of no one else

Peggy Collins
Hearts in the Sand

Living at the Seaside Society of Spinsters incognito, Vanessa Carter keeps to herself most of the time. Easton Alden, Viscount Fane, has come to Burnham-On-Sea to visit his cousin, and to attempt to recover his artistic muse. When he meets Vanessa, who reluctantly agrees to help him recover is motivation, he knows she is his muse. They visit and paint together and become good friends, then more. Vanessa is hiding from a miserable life, and her secret prevents a real romance. When trouble comes for both of them, Easton promises to protect her. They tread a rough road to peace and happiness, but twists, surprises, and love win the day. A well-written enjoyable story with great characters that ends with a very good reason for drawing hearts in the sand.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Seaside love

The hero is an artist in need of inspiration. The heroine is also an artist but she has secrets. They form a friendship at a seaside resort. Then obstacles start to get in their way, including someone set out to ruin the hero. It was an intriguing read with good characters.

Asra S.
A Lovely Story!

This is Book 3 of The Seaside Society of Spinsters series. It's about two people who seem a bit lost and end up finding their way together. Vanessa has a past that she wants to keep hidden, and is trying to start fresh. Easton, is an artist, who is going through a bit of a dry spell and has come to Burnham-on-Sea for some much needed inspiration. The moment he encounters Vanessa, he knows he has found it and ends up extending his stay so he can continue to be in her company. But as Vanessa's secrets slowly start coming to light, they start to cause complications in their new relationship.
I enjoyed watching Vanessa and Easton's relationship grow from easy friendship to more. The story was well-written and entertaining, and a lovely addition to the series. My thanks to Wolf Publishing for providing a complimentary copy. This is my honest review.

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