In Search of a Husband (Book 2)
In Search of a Husband (Book 2)
In Search of a Husband (Book 2)
In Search of a Husband (Book 2)
In Search of a Husband (Book 2)
In Search of a Husband (Book 2)
In Search of a Husband (Book 2)
In Search of a Husband (Book 2)

In Search of a Husband (Book 2)

The Society of Scandalous Brides Series
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Escaping the whispers of scandal, a fallen beauty becomes a governess in the Scottish Highlands, where she discovers an unexpected love with her fiercely guarded employer.

💚 Steamy Regency romance

🔥Scottish hero

💚 Governess heroine

🔥Grumpy sunshine

💚 Workplace romance

🔥Forced proximity

In the enchanting hills of Scotland, Katherine Bancroft, a captivating beauty scarred by scandal, seeks sanctuary from her tumultuous past. Little does she fathom that her escape will thrust her into the captivating orbit of a ruggedly handsome yet irascible Scottish laird, harboring secrets of his own.

Haunted by the tragic loss of his elder brother, Gabriel MacInnes returns to the ancestral home to salvage the remnants of a fading family legacy. Time is of the essence, his fortune teetering on the edge. And then, like a whirlwind, enters Kate—the vivacious governess to his spirited nieces. She disrupts the carefully laid plans and, to Gabriel's surprise, rekindles emotions he thought were long buried.

As their magnetic attraction crackles to life, ancient rivalries reawaken, casting shadows over both their blossoming love and the destiny of Dunsmuir Castle. Will they succumb to the scorching chemistry pulling them together, or will the echoes of the past force them onto divergent paths? Prepare for a tale where love clashes with history, and the future of Dunsmuir Castle hangs in the balance.

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ABOUT Rebecca

USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Paula writes steamy, emotional historical romances featuring strong heroines and brooding heroes with a penchant for talking dirty. Her stories are full of witty banter, scorching chemistry, and wouldn’t be complete without a touch of angst. 

Customer Reviews

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Sahar Husseini
The Governess and the Laird

Kate left London to escape scandal. She became governess to two mischievous little girls and found herself falling in love with their guardian.

Gabriel inherited his brother's holdings as well as his children. His fears and insecurities were holding him back from seeking happiness. He was falling in love with Kate, but he would resist. Could love win in the end? There would be complications and challenges ahead of Gabriel and Kate.

This is an entertaining historical romance with a bit of suspense. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Margaret Murray-Evans

Katherine Bancroft is young and innocent, but the Marquess of Brookhouse takes advantage and ruins her reputation. Cut by society, Kate takes a position as a governess in Scotland. Gabriel MacInnes returns to Dunsmuir after his brother's death. Two orphaned nieces, a family home and business in shambles needs his attention. A governess? Kate's never been maternal, but she finds her life changed by Gabriel and his family. An unexpected challenge will put their love and future at risk.
Gabriel is one frustrating hero.
Open bedroom door.
I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book from the publisher.

Rainelle Barrett
Scottish Historical Romance

In Search of a Husband. My fellow readers. Grab your tissues and your chocolate. This is a good ole, must read love story. It’s a love story that I strongly believe was written beautifully.
As a dedicated reader, I didn’t want this story to end. Kate, Gabe, Lorna, Maisie and even the housekeeper, Mrs. Malcolm contributed to the book’s surprising humor and excitement. The quick tongue comments from the young little lassie’s, and their misguided shenanigans nearly had me laughing in tears. What is an uncle to do? I don’t believe that there was a page untouched discussing or commenting on Lorna and Maisie’s trickery. Don’t think that Kate and Gabe are so innocent.
The kitchen scene with the flour kicked off the burning desire between the two. Readers I need to share something with you. I fell so hard for Gabe. I was boy stop playing with my emotions. Teasing me with all that… that maleness and everything.
This man is described as a Scottish mountain of a man, with big everything. And I mean everything. Carved especially for me. Kate! I meant Kate.
Readers, the scene with the apple pie filling was the best. Kate slapping Gabe’s face with the apple filling had me imagining all kinds of things. You could not hold me back for I would have licked the pores clean on that man’s face. How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Scottish apple man? I couldn’t tell you, because I’m still licking.
Kate was definitely blessed with having this Gabe walk into her life. After what happened to her, Kate deserved her moment of happiness. And if said happiness just so happens to be with two little girls who are spits fires, and the grumpiest Scottish man that you could encounter on a deserted dark road, then so be it. Through the words of the writers, I could feel in my heart, the main characters love, compassion and the overwhelming pure joy of happiness for one another. I don’t know about you, but it feels so, so good to read a book that’s written in such an affectionate way.
Read the book and tell me what you think. The heartwarming moments that Kate and Gabe share with each other, and with the girls, gives this book its Kodiak moment. Now that’s saying something. The romance between our main characters is steeeaaammmmyyy. Whew!
Yes Lord. I would like to thank the creator for not holding back. I appreciate that the writer created a story that captivated my imagination. I truly loved, loved the book. I give this book two snaps and a, Gabe, what are you going to do when your girls start thinking about boys?
Hold on to your hat Kate! Until next time my fellow readers. Read on!

Peggy Collins
A Fresh Start

At loose ends after her family disowned her for being caught in the garden with a marquess who refuses to marry her, Katherine Bancroft heads to Scotland to be governess to two orphaned little girls. Gabriel MacInnes who has returned home at the death of his brother, to take his lairdship and to care for his nieces. This is an interesting and engaging story. Gabriel and Katherine are dealing with a lot, individually and together. They are strong, intelligent, and independent. I loved the scene where they met. Their romance is not as much slow-burn as attempted resistance. There is great chemistry between them and passion. There are problems, twists, surprises, humor, and romance. A very enjoyable story.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Inge Kohn
The Laird And The Governess

After the loss of his brother, Gabriel returns to his ancestral home in Scotland to take care of his nieces and the family business. Immediately he realizes that a governess is needed for the girls.

Katherine Bancroft leaves her family and London after being caught in a scandal that leaves her shunned by society. She travels to Scotland to become the governess to Laird Gabriel MacInnes of Dunsmuir Castle.

The barrier around Gabriel’s heart start to crumble when he meets Katherine and an instant connection between the two is evident throughout the story. The two main characters were perfect for each other and the story well written and entertaining.

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