How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)
How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)
How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)
How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)
How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)
How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)
How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)

How the Duke Was Won (Book 3)

Lady Marigold's Matchmaking Service

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Prepare for a dazzling clash of hearts and wits in the spirited world of Lady Penelope Baxter and the formidable Duke of St. Cross!

💛 Opposites-attract

🌻duel of the sexes

💛 A sweet wager

🌻 Arrogant duke

💛 Strong minded spinster

🌻 Scarred hero

Having sworn off love after two heartbreaks, Penelope finds herself at Lady Marigold's Matchmaking Service after a fiery exchange with the proud Duke during an archery competition.

Sebastian, the unyielding Duke with a penchant for competition and a need for an heir, discovers his views on marriage evolving when he encounters the bold and beautiful Penelope. What starts as a battle of words turns into a high-stakes wager as Penelope challenges Sebastian to a duel of the sexes – a series of intellectual and athletic contests with a tempting prize. If she wins, she secures her spinsterhood; if he triumphs, she must become his bride and bear the much-needed heir.

As the games unfold, Sebastian's rigid beliefs about women's abilities begin to crumble, replaced by a growing admiration for Penelope's spirit. Simultaneously, Penelope finds herself drawn to the Duke she once despised, yet fears the vulnerability of a third heartbreak. Will this clash of pride and passion lead to a happily-ever-after where love conquers all, or will the intricacies of the heart prove the ultimate challenge?

Get ready for a riveting tale of love, competition, and unexpected alliances in How the Duke Was Won, book 3 in this sweet Regency romance series by USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Monroe, where the battleground is set, and the prize is nothing short of an unexpected romance.

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Unleash the Charm with Lady Marigold's Matchmaking Service!

Dive into a world where strong-willed heroines rewrite their destinies in the most unexpected ways.

Are you ready for a swoon-worthy adventure?


USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Monroe writes Regency romances you can’t resist. Her stories are filled with first loves and second chances, dashing dukes, and strong heroines. Each turn of the page promises an adventure in love and many late nights of reading.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sahar Husseini
Is It Possible for Two Enemies to Be Matched?

The first meeting between Penelope and Sebastian did not go well. She pushed him into a table and created an embarrassing disaster. The duke did not think he could forgive her. However, one could never estimate the power of a wager combined with love that could not be denied.

Penelope wanted to remain a spinster after being disappointed in love twice. Could an arrogant duke change her mind? If you like enemies-to-lovers historical romance, you might enjoy this entertaining story.

Asra S.
Let the Battle.of the Sexes Begin!

A battle of the sexes transpires in this latest addition to the Lady Marigold's Matching Services series. Penelope much prefers to remain a spinster, but when she has a heated exchange with Sebastian, the Duke of St Cross during an archery competition, she is sent to Lady Marigold's Matchmaking services. Sebastian has no real desire to marry, but it is his duty to have an heir, so he cannot completely avoid it. When he meets Penelope, she ignites a certain desire within him, and he finds himself contemplating the possibility of marriage. Penelope agrees to marry him if he agrees to her wager and he wins. But if she wins, she will still be able to remain a spinster and live independently. As their competition heats up, so do their feelings for one another, and they both begin to contemplate the possibility of marriage. All done with humor and witty banter that made me chuckle more times than one, this book had me smiling and laughing out loud as the two challenged one another and struggled to overcome their initial reluctance to marriage.
This was an absolutely delightful addition to the series. I've enjoyed the previous books, and this one also did not disappoint! Penelope was a strong and spunky character and I very much enjoyed all her interactions with Sebastian, as she attempted to bring the prideful duke down a peg. Such a fun and entertaining read! Looking forward to the next one!
I received a complimentary copy from Wolf Publishing and am voluntarily leaving my review.

Peggy Collins
Love on the Finish Line

Penelope’s parents want her to make a match, and soon. Off to Lady Marigold she goes. She is introduced to Sebastian, Duke of St. Cross. Oil and water. They have many interests in common, but conflicting attitudes result, not mutual enjoyment, but competition. You might say they staged their own battle of the sexes. This is a delightful story. Neither of the main characters could be called charming, but that’s what makes them perfect for each other. The story is full of fun, snarky banter, exciting competitions, a lovely romance, and a happy and heartwarming ending.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Margaret Murray-Evans

Lady Penelope's parents are desperate for her to be married by her twenty-fourth birthday. By then she's considered a spinster. Penelope would like nothing better than to be a spinster and live independently with her money
Her father the Earl of Wellingsby hires Lady Marigold's Matchmaking Services. Lady Whitmore is secretly Lady Marigold and has been successful in finding love matches. The arrogant Sebastian, Duke of St. Cross, has a tendency to push Penelope's buttons. It soon becomes a competition with wagers between them. He's afraid to totally commit to a permanent relationship, she soon wants nothing but. It's an emotional rollercoaster in the battle between the sexes. A clean romance with some humor.
I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book from the publisher.

Heather Brinkley
Slow warm up, great finish

The main characters are a little too arrogant and abrasive for me at the start, but as the story goes on, you learn their histories, the reason behind why they are how they are, and you watch them grow and change and learn it's not so bad to let some competitions fade away and that sometimes there is no loser, just two happy winners.

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