In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)
In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)
In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)
In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)
In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)
In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)
In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)

In Lieu of a Princess (Book 1)

The Royals & Rebels Series
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When Lucinda North agrees to impersonate a missing princess, she finds herself living at Buckingham Palace, evading a killer — and falling in love with Anthony, Earl of Melfield! An exciting Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Meredith Bond!

💖 Royals & Fake royals

💖 Mistaken identity

💖 Romantic suspense

💖 Sweet romantic comedy

💖 Dashing earl

💖 Fun heroine

"This isn’t her Royal Highness,” the headmistress told the man and the woman who were staring at Lucinda with their mouths hanging open.

“But it could be.”

These words turn the life of Lucinda North upside down.
Within hours, she agrees—against her better judgement—to impersonate the missing Princess Louisa of Aachen-Düren. Within a week, she meets the queen and the handsome, charming Lord Melfield. Within the month, she is living at Buckingham Palace, lying about her true identity not only to Queen Charlotte but to all of Regency society, while someone is trying to kill her. Within her lifetime, she will never regret a moment of it.

Anthony, Earl of Melfield would rather not waste his time helping a spoiled princess learn how to conduct herself. He would certainly rather not return to society after a heartbreak. And he most definitely would rather not have feelings for the princess, no matter how sweet, funny, and beautiful she is. Most of all, he would much rather not use all of his skills to save her life and figure out who wants her dead.

In this first book of this sweet, and adventurous Royals & Rebels series by Meredith Bond you'll find hidden identities, a princess on the run, and three lives at stake… despite this, these royals and rebels must learn to trust and open themselves to a lifetime of love.

All three books in the Royals & Rebels series are interconnected and should be read in the correct order for full enjoyment.

“You said you had an opening for a language
teacher? I, er, I brought references as you asked. I’m afraid two of them aren’t
in English, but I do hope that won’t be too much of a problem,” Lou said,
fumbling as she opened her portfolio while still standing in front of the
headmistress. “I also have an essay which I—”

“But you look…” the woman started,
completely ignoring the letters Lou was trying to hand her. “You are the

“She cannot be found anywhere. I have
ridden…” A man’s deep, accented voice made Lou spin around. “Oh! Eure Hoheit! Meine Prinzessin! Wo bist
du gewesen?”
He started to scold her gently in German before Lou held up a
hand. He was a large man, probably a full foot taller
than Lou, and looked strong enough to pull a horse rather than the other way
around. His pale blond hair was windblown, and he was wearing riding
clothes. He smelled as if he’d been in the saddle for some time.

“I’m terribly sorry,” she told him in
German, “but you seem to have mistaken me for someone else. I am Lucinda North.
I’m here to apply for a teaching position.”

He stopped and stared at her as if she had
just grown a second head. “Was? Ist das
eine Art Spiel
?” He gave her a tentative smile.

Lou shook her head. “No. This is no game.
Truly, I—”

“Oh, thank goodness!” Another woman joined
them, also speaking German. “Where were you, Your Highness? You should know
better than to scare us like that!”

“It’s not her,” the man said, turning to
the middle-aged woman. She had dark blonde hair pulled
into a tight chignon
and a fashionable yet sensible gown of deep blue that
made her cheeks look flushed.

“What do you mean? What nonsense are you—”
The woman came forward and stopped just in front of Lou. Her eyes widened. “Your
eyes. They are brown. Why are your eyes brown?”

“This isn’t Her Royal Highness,” Mrs.
Carter told the man and the woman who were now staring at Lou with their mouths
hanging open.

“It could be,” the woman said in strongly
accented English. She stared at Lou as if she were a painting, examining every
detail. “She’s got the same heart-shaped face, the same features, her height,
build… She even has the same shade of blonde hair… But for the eyes.”

“What are you saying, woman?” the man
snapped, turning to look at the lady.

“Who is she?” the woman asked the
headmistress, ignoring him.

“She’s here for a teaching position,” Mrs.
Carter told them.

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Hidden identities, a princess on the run, and three lives at stake… despite this, these royals and rebels must learn to trust and open themselves to a lifetime of love.

This exciting, and sweet Royals & Rebels series tells the stories of Prince Nikolaus, his sister Princess Louisa, and their accidental ally Lucinda North as they each discover romance, adventure—and clues as to who wants the prince and princess dead.

What readers say...


Phenomenal! That is the description that only touches the surface of this book! The writing is just the right balance of originality, description, action and emotion!

Pat Robinson
Goodreads review

This was a fantastic read! Meredith Bond delivers a sweet and thrilling romance, which has you cheering for the fake princess and the dashing earl. There are laugh-out-loud moments, mixed with swoon-worthy elements and the entire time, you can't stop wondering what might happen next. I love the mysterious side of the novel that kept me on my toes the whole time!

Bree Wolf
USA Today bestselling author

In Lieu of a Princess is an unputdownable story filled with anticipation, drama and adventure. I finished it in one sitting. I loved the world building in the story, everything connected so well and there were many twist throughout the book. It was very refreshing and engaging.

Goodreads Review


USA Today bestselling author Meredith Bond’s books straddle that beautiful line between historical romance and fantasy. An award-winning author, she writes sweet, fun, traditional Regency romances, medieval Arthurian romances, and Regency romances with a touch of magic. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith loves to take her readers on a journey they won’t soon forget.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pat Robinson

Phenomenal! That is the description that only touches the surface of this book! The writing is just the right balance of originality, description, action and emotion! I loved how the Heroine is such a strong woman, put to the test so many times and still comes out fighting. I loved the Hero’s growth through the whole book. I was irritated in that there is a bit of a cliffhanger, but nothing that should prevent you from reading this one. It was a fantastic, fun read!

Elsbeth Akker-Memelink
I want more!

Apart from the fact that this story ends with a cliffhanger (I hate cliffhangers!), I loved it!
Fascinating storyline. You keep wondering how long it will take before someone discovers the truth. You keep wondering what has happened to the real princess.
I hope these characters (Sophia, Lou, Anthony and their friends) will come back in the next stories. I like them. And, if not, I hope they will get their own books. They deserve it! Especially Sophia and lord Talford, maybe a HEA with each other?
Luckily, the second story in this series is waiting for me, so it is time to find out!
I received a copy and chose to review it.

A remarkable adventure

A remarkable adventure! A poor, diplomats daughter mistaken for a princess. What ensues is a whirlwind adventure of impersonation to protect the crown, the chance at love and a chance to carve out a future for herself and her sister. Lucinda North is a remarkably strong woman. She has had to dig deep to find the strength to create a future for her and Sophia after their parents death. The strength of her character is written so ingrained it shines through her princess act. Despite knowing the princess as a spoiled girl who is known to shrug responsibility and demand what she wants, Lou can’t help but be herself in that act as she takes to the demands of responsibility. The slow burn of her and Anthony, Lord Melfield is sweet and tense. The mysteries surrounding the crown of Aachen-Duren hold the interest as you can't help but ask a million questions. I am grateful that the 3 stories in this series are due to come out in quick succession, or the words “cliffhanger” might have been harder to swallow. I cannot wait to see what happens next and am eager to get to know the real Princess Louisa. This story includes the sweet bloom of love, the intrigue of royal family and the mystery of who really is behind the attempts on the crown. Well-written and a delightful read.

I. Kohn

Lucinda North’s life turns into a fairytale when she is asked to impersonate a missing princess. She takes the job to help support her family after the unexpected death of her diplomatic father and mother. She is moved to the palace and starts lessons on how to be a princess. Anthony, the Earl of Melfield is asked to introduce Lucinda at society functions. Having had his heart broken and not wishing to return to society, he grudgingly accepts. The Princess is not at all what he expected and he finds he is truly enjoying her company.

This book does have a cliffhanger that I didn’t know about when I was given an advanced copy. I rarely read them but now I will have to finish the series because I absolutely must know what is going to happen to these wonderful characters.

I received an ARC of this book and am giving my honest opinion.

Unusual theme!

The task undertaken by Lue (Lucinda) is quite mind-boggling, but she perseveres, learning new skills in the hope that she will be successful.
This character shows great strength and determinism and as the story progresses, she finds her true love.
I loved her character for all the above reasons and the story too.
It was a good starter book for the series and I look forward to the next one.
I read an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of this book and my voluntary and unbiased review is recorded above.

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