For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)
For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)

For a Scandalous Wager (Book 1)

Breaking the Rules of the Beau Monde Series
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She started as a pebble in his shoe, but quickly became his rock.

🧡 Best friends sister
🔥 Four inappropriate requests

🧡 A goose named Paradise
🔥 And a passion like a storm that could not be calmed

If Evelyn Markham entertained any aspirations of escaping an unwanted betrothal contract without a fine, she'd have to do more than break a few rules. She'd need to ignite the ton with scandalous gossip or be spotted in the company of a man whose mere name could set tongues wagging. Dalton Rochester was just that man. From the moment she laid down a daring wager during a game of billiards her fascination with the dashing rogue burgeoned into something heart-poundingly real.

The shilling Miss Markham surreptitiously slipped into Rochester's pocket now lay snug in his boot, a constant reminder that even the tiniest pebble could feel like a boulder under the right circumstances. This was especially true when faced with the pull of his best friend's sister, whose mere gaze could set his pulse racing. When she whispered her challenge, "Make the shot, and I'll make your day," he found himself permanently ensnared. But now, he must steel himself against her charm, because for the past three months the woman has been persistently requesting a private rendezvous. At this rate, his friendship with her brother would not survive. Nor, with her persistence, would her virtue.

"For a Scandalous Wager" is a captivating tale of romance and rebellion, where passion ignites amidst the strictures of society and true love dares to defy all expectations. Join Evelyn and Dalton on a journey of forbidden desire, where every stolen moment brings them closer to the brink of scandal—and closer to each other.

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Shannon, a multi award-winning author of historical romance, is a California native who developed a passion for romance after reading her first book by Johanna Lindsey. Her second book in the Ruined Rakes series earned the favor of FAB five judges to win the Silver Quill® award. Every Time You’re Near was also notably nominated for the coveted Golden Heart®.

Customer Reviews

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Beautifully written romance

Beautifully written romance, full of character, wit, light and passion. Evelyn and Dalton are something special and so is this story. I love their connection, friends to lovers, sparring all the way to their happily ever after.

A Dance of Hearts and Ambitions

I loved this captivating historical romance that charts the tempestuous relationship between Dalton Rochester & Evelyn Markham. The author's writing is both fluid & evocative, drawing readers into a world where every whispered scandal carries weight, & every glance holds a story.

The book's strength lies in its well-crafted narrative and dynamic protagonists. Dalton, with his brooding intensity, & Evelyn, with her indomitable spirit, are characters that leap off the page & claim the reader’s investment in their fates. Their romance unfolds with a delicate balance of tension & tenderness, making their journey towards love both believable & enchanting.

In essence, this is a gem, offering a story that is as thought-provoking as it is heartwarming. The author's talent shines through in her ability to weave a tale that is both grand & intimate, making this book a recommended read for anyone who cherishes historical romances with a soul. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

B. Rogers
Excellent Storytelling - Wonderful Characters

I always enjoy this author’s works because – well – firstly because she writes a really good story with lively, wonderful characters – but secondly, because she manages to create an interesting, witty, and engrossing story that well adheres to the norms of the times. This story was a delightful addition to her oeuvre. With a frazzled and put-upon Dalton Rochester and the determined and delightful Evelyn Markham you have a match made in …

Evelyn Markham is happily into her third season with nary a bow to pique her interest. The one man who does interest her, mostly ignores her, and for the moment she is good with that. She provokes him, asks him to break the rules of the Bow Monde with her, taunts him, but leaves it at that – for the time being. You see, Dalton Rochester is her brother’s best friend – and her father hates him. Of course, everything changes – for Evelyn at least – when her father sees her brother happily wed and thinks the same thing should happen for her. OOPS! Double OOPS when he starts the betrothal process with a man she’s not met – at least not officially – and definitely doesn’t admire. Nothing wrong with him – just a dull sort of stick-in-the-mud. Her antics to avoid the betrothal – and the gentleman – are lively and entertaining – and – might I say – a tad scandalous.

What is a Lord to do? His best friend’s sister is constantly tormenting him with all manner of things – including scandalous wagers. He resists, but with that scandalous wager and the precious shilling involved, he is hard pressed to keep her at arm’s length. Resistance, of course, is futile because he is as enamored with her as she is with him. The difference is, he realizes it cannot be and she does not. Her father hates him and he would lose his best friend if he pursued a relationship. It could never happen. Well – we’ve all learned that we should never say never.

I thoroughly enjoyed Evelyn’s antics and all she put Rochester through. Her frustration with him was palpable on every page! How could he keep ignoring her pleas for help? Surely, he had at least a small regard for her as a friend if nothing else. Then there was the plea – HELP – that he didn’t ignore. That plea and the aftermath landed them in a tangled can of worms. Could they get out of it with their reputations intact? Could they truly convince her father to let them marry? Will her father marry her off to his choice for her? Will they elope? What will her brother think?

This was a lovely read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I wanted Rochester's story. I was not disappointed

We were briefly introduced to Rochester in the story Until Spring, which is included in the anthology Christmas Belles. He was also in the story Until Morning, as is Evelyn. Both novellas are wonderful, but you won’t be lost if you don’t read them first. They were both secondary characters, but I so wanted his story. I was not disappointed.

This is a friends-to-lovers and brother’s-best-friend saga. I’m not a huge fan of those tropes, but I liked this story so much. Evelyn is straightforward, says what’s on her mind, is daring to the point of endangering herself and even Rochester, but she’s witty, fun, clever, and drives Rochester to his wits end. She made me laugh more than a few times.

It isn’t that Rochester doesn’t have a sense of humor. He does. It’s just that he’s put on the spot when she sends him notes because her brother is Winn (his story is Until Morning) and Rochester is reluctant to cross that line. He’s known Evelyn for a long time and had always considered her a friend, but making that leap to lovers…well, there was a lot to consider. One is her brother, of course. The other is her father who has no use whatsoever for Rochester. Winn, Rochester, and Darrington have quite a history with her father. But Rochester wasn’t going to leave Evelyn to fend for herself in the face of adversity, but he isn’t totally on-board with her actions, either.

This was an entertaining novel that had great characters, a compelling story, some steam, and a love-conquers-all ending. Things happen that I’d never seen in any historical romance that I’ve ever read that made this even more interesting.

*This is a part of a series, but can be read as a stand-alone book.

Maria Renshaw
Loved this book

Absolutely loved Dalton and Evelyn's story of passion, love and wagering, such a a great series starter, can't wait for the next book.

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