How to Steal a Thief's Heart (Book 4)
How to Steal a Thief's Heart (Book 4)
How to Steal a Thief's Heart (Book 4)
How to Steal a Thief's Heart (Book 4)
How to Steal a Thief's Heart (Book 4)
How to Steal a Thief's Heart (Book 4)

How to Steal a Thief's Heart (Book 4)

Happy Ever Regency Series
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She's a mousy wallflower, or isn't she?

MISS CAROLINE HAWKINS never gets looked at twice. She is never asked to dance or called on by a gentleman. In fact, gentlemen hardly notice she is even there, easily looking past her at the more alluring ladies of English society…

…which is precisely how Caroline wants it.

After all, she puts a lot of work into her appearance, powdering her hair to ensure it loses its shine and looks dull and unassuming. Thick spectacles hide her bright and watchful eyes, and wide, gray gowns buttoned to her chin conceal any female curves that might draw unwanted attention.

In short: Caroline’s disguise is perfect…
…or almost perfect because, to Caroline’s dismay, one particular gentleman will not be swayed.
People call him THE BLACK BARON.

The moment PIERCE BYRNE, BARON MARKHAM, glimpses this little gray mouse of a woman he knows something about her is…odd. Intriguingly odd. Fascinatingly odd. Odd in a way that makes him want to know more about her.

By sheer happenstance, Pierce stumbles upon her one night and realizes how very right he has been. Caroline Hawkins is indeed odd, for she has been hiding a secret from all of London society that makes her perfect for him.

After all, he, too, hides a secret…one Caroline swears to discover as the two of them go head to head. When the dust settles, will they still be strangers?

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BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Happily ever after

This was such a gorgeous story, so well written. Caroline and Pierce both had so much to hide, helping others under disguise, getting to know each other, learning to trust each other and slowly falling in love with each other. And, of course bringing a villain to justice which was nicely wrapped up in the end. It was enchanting, definitely a Happy Ever Regency romance!

Kathy D
Perfect blend of romance and suspense

This delightful tale shares much of it's timeline with How to Climb a Lady's Tower. However, in this book we are told the story from Pierce and Caroline's points of view and the author fills in much of the missing story. Pierce, Lord Markham, aka the Black Baron, cares not about the secrets peers of the realm hold. He sees people as they truly are, not hidden behind masks. When Miss Caroline Hawkins catches his eye, he realizes that she is hiding behind secrets. She wears gray, drab, high necked gowns and wears thick lenses to hide her beautiful blue eyes. He happens upon her one night when she shouldn't be out alone and finds she is filled with fire, a stiff backbone and is fearless. This story is the perfect blend of romance and suspense.

Pure Entertainment!

Caroline and Pierce are two people who mask their identities for very different reasons and they meet and slowly fall in love.
Gosh, how I love this series, Each of the stories I've read in it becomes my next favorite. Funny how that happens, but it just shows that each is an improvement on the previous ones.
Loved the story, loved all of its characters and I am so happy to have read this book.

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