Only Rakes Would Dare (Book 5)
Only Rakes Would Dare (Book 5)
Only Rakes Would Dare (Book 5)
Only Rakes Would Dare (Book 5)
Only Rakes Would Dare (Book 5)
Only Rakes Would Dare (Book 5)

Only Rakes Would Dare (Book 5)

The Debutante Dares Series
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Under pressure to marry, Lady Edith is saved a suitor's unwanted advances by Griffin, a family friend and earl. She suggests a fake engagement to placate both of their families - but could their arrangement be just the thing to awaken a true romance?

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Lady Edith knows the sting of unrequited love, and now she wants only one thing—to marry a man who desires her or to never marry. But at the Season’s end, her father threatens to provide a husband if she cannot secure one herself. When a family friend saves her from the unwanted advances of one of their suitors, she falls a little bit in love. With his auburn hair and radical ideas about women, Griffin Paxton, the Earl of Eastern, is perfect. Except he doesn’t want her back.

Griffin will not be distracted by Lady Edith’s diamond-eyed beauty. He needs a wife to fulfill his dying father’s wish, and he needs her to be a model of propriety to repair the family reputation his rakish father sullied. When Lady Edith calls herself a rake, he knows she’ll never do. He’ll have to guard his attraction to her fiery spirit and open heart behind thick ice walls and look elsewhere.

But when Edith suggests they forge a fake engagement to appease both their fathers, Griffin can’t refuse. She needs his help, and he never ignores a damsel in distress. Will a fake courtship bring out their rakish desires, or will it offer a home to two hurting hearts?

In this sizzling opposites-attract Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane, a lady of passion and an earl of logic commit to a fake courtship as rakish as it is daring.

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In the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, a group of unconventional debutantes is turning heads and breaking hearts. The Debutante Dares series follows these audacious young ladies as they defy societal norms, challenging the ton's most eligible bachelors to fall madly in love.

Get ready for a whirlwind of passion, wit, and scandalous romance that will leave you breathless.


USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane traded in academic databases and scholarly journals for writing steamy Regency romcoms like the ones she’s always loved to read. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen (who else?), Toni Morrison, William Blake, Julia Quinn, and Maya Rodale.

Customer Reviews

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Charlie Lane has a way of writing characters that bury deep in your heart and refuse to leave

“You should be yourself, and that is the surest path to happiness.”
This is the strongest lesson in The Debutante Dares series. Each of these ladies learns the beauty of finding the one person that allows them the freedom of being themselves, and being adored for it.
After Edith’s actions in the last book, I did not expect to like her as much as I did. But from the very start, she won me over. She is a woman of great strength. She is brash, forward and knows her mind, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to secure her happiness. Griffin is quiet, staid and strong, but that is simply a mask hiding a passionate soul awaiting release. Together, they bring out the good qualities in each other and provide the security and comfort needed to be their true selves.
I could not love this story more. The vulnerabilities displayed in these characters cracks open the heart, you can not help but love them. The heat hidden just below the surface ignites a fire deep within. The most beautiful gift Griffin gives to Edith is what she has spent her life longing for, he SEES her!
Despite my love for these two though, i found them slightly overshadowed in the the hidden story of Sarah & Xavier. I adore a good enemies to lovers story, and I can already see this being my favorite. I cannot wait to read their tumultuous story. Their banter from the start hooked me and I craved every scene they were in. Already the angst has me longing for more. Charlie Lane has a way of writing characters that bury deep in your heart and refuse to leave. I could go on, but I fear my opinion on this book would be a novel in itself. Read the book, you’ll understand!

The Marginatrix
Definitely a favorite of mine

After the last book in this series, Don’t You Dare, My Dear, in which Edith presented herself as a total and complete hoyden, with a tendency toward petulance and impulsiveness, I cannot believe that I found her character in this book so strong and inspiring. She learned from her mistakes, and although she still demonstrates passion, she has developed the ability to temper her impulsiveness with careful consideration. This is due, in large part, to Griffin, soon-to-be Marquess of Hartfield (since his wicked father is at death’s door, and honestly, cannot die soon enough).

The family dynamics in this book are fascinating. Edith has 5 overbearing, arrogant brothers, and a father who shaped them to be the men they are. Edith lost her mother when she was quite young, as her mother died in childbirth, about to give birth to child number seven, who also died. Griffin observes that Edith’s brothers, whom Edith long ago dubbed The Brutes, and her father, the Earl of Westgrove, have little use for Edith and disregard her feelings and opinions. Really, they only seem to notice her when she disappoints them or disagrees with them. He immediately feels a kinship and an undeniable need to protect her.

Griffin adores his mother and despises his father, a despicable man who has never shown any sense of caring for either of them. He is a rake through and through, and Griffin’s older brother wasn’t much better; he died prematurely from participating in a curricle race. Now, his father is dying from the pox and seems just as bitter and manipulative as ever. He threatens Griffin that he must find a woman to marry immediately. He has determined Edith is unsuitable as a candidate, even though he’s fairly certain he could develop feelings for her. He decides he must find a sensible and respectable wife to rehabilitate the family line that his father so thoroughly destroyed.

But Edith is absolutely irresistible. She must fight against his unwillingness to allow passion to enter his life because of his fear of ending up like his father and brother. She assures him that can never happen because he’s nothing like them.

It is such a sweet love story, two people lost, drifting, searching for happiness and approval, both unlikely to get it from their families. Ultimately, they both realize that the men in Edith’s family love her but are incapable of seeing past the fact that she is a woman and must be treated as less-than because of her gender. And Griffin realizes that he needs no one’s approval and Edith makes him happy. There were some wonderful quotes sprinkled throughout this book—in fact, many—but I can only share a few.

Edith is a gifted musician and Griffin discreetly observes her playing the pianoforte. He thinks, “No one else played with such precision and passion. Two things that should have dueled with one another instead of becoming companions, as they did when her fingers fit against the keys.”

Edith’s heart is always way out in front of her logic and she can feel herself falling for Griffin even though he has told her he cannot love her (he’s lying, of course). “Another heartbreak glowed on the horizon as obvious as the storm crackling across it yesterday. And she could not help herself from taking footstep after footstep closer to it. She must hate happiness.” And this is another great description of her feelings. “Every star in the night sky glowed ten times brighter, cascaded through colors stars are not usually known for, and fell to earth, landing in her own chest. She swallowed the star-colored feeling…”

Because holding the key to someone’s heart is such a cliche, I loved this alternative. “He locked his eyes with hers. He might as well have thrown away the key.”

And I loved that Devon and Lillian (Kiss or Dare) made an appearance. Ever the flirt with a droll sense of humor, he responds to Edith’s declaration that she is to marry the Marquess of Hartfield by discreetly trying to ask about her betrothed’s accident. She explains that was Griffin’s older, deceased brother, and he responds by saying, “Ah. Excellent. Lively women deserve live husbands…”

I think the imagery and other poetic touches make this an outstanding book and one of my favorites from Charlie Lane (so far). It’s sweet and it kinda made my heart melt just a little bit.

Fighting for Love

This is the fourth book in the Debutante Dare Series by Charlie Lane and once again she has written an amazing story. Lady Edith Evans was introduced in the last book for her outlandish behavior for trying to seduce Lord Escher who she thought she loved but was in love with someone else. I was looking forward to her story since I found her to be a unique and interesting character.

Griffin, Lord Eastern, comes across as cold and shows little emotion, he is handsome, and needs to find a wife to restore his family name. There are reasons for Griffin’s coldness but can he overcome how he has behaved his entire life to find love? His father is dying, and has demanded he find a wife that will help repair the family name, someone who is above reproach. Lady Edith’s father has insisted she marry within a year or he will find a husband for her.

Griffin assists Edith when a friend of her brother behaves badly. She finds herself drawn to Griffin as they talk and proposes that they pretend they are betrothed. This was the plan to give him additional time to find the right lady to marry and protect her from unwanted attentions.

They know they are not suited but as they spent time together it just feels right. I found myself feeling the emotions Griffin was experiencing as he finally realizes he is nothing like his father and opens up to the possibility of a future with Edith. Edith was so refreshing she didn’t care what people thought, was opinionated, smart and just wanted someone to see her as she truly is and to love her for being herself.

I have read every story in this series but this one truly resonated with me. It held my interest until the very last page. The characters were experiencing so many emotions and I felt them too. I found myself laughing, hoping and praying that Griffin be true to himself and Edith finally gets the love she deserves.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Wolf publishing.

Opposites attract

I love an opposites-attract romance and this did not disappoint. Passion and logic intertwine to bring about a wonderful romance filled with passion and hope. Griffin and Edith are perfect for each other, and both are strong minded and intelligent. I was caught up in this fake engagement, very engaging and even better happily ever after.

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