Don't You Dare, My Dear (Book 4)
Don't You Dare, My Dear (Book 4)
Don't You Dare, My Dear (Book 4)
Don't You Dare, My Dear (Book 4)
Don't You Dare, My Dear (Book 4)
Don't You Dare, My Dear (Book 4)

Don't You Dare, My Dear (Book 4)

The Debutante Dares Series
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In this sizzling Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane, a cheerful viscount would rather have the grumpy chaperone than the daring debutante. If only the latter didn't prove to be quite so resistible.

🔥Grumpy sunshine

🩷 Older heroine

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After the woman he loves rejects his marriage proposal, Edmund Crenshaw, Viscount Escher, has sworn off women. If he can’t marry Mrs. Katherine Brighton, he’ll marry no one. When he discovers a daring debutante in his coach, intent on seduction, he’ll do anything to protect his bachelorhood. He must remain uncompromised or doom himself and the lady to a loveless marriage. Because his heart always has, and always will, belong to only one woman—his Kat.

Katherine must escape her younger sister’s insidious grasp. This Season, she has a heart of steel and a plan for independence. As the secret author of a popular out-of-print book, she will convince the publisher to reprint it and fill her coffers with funds enough to live on her own. The publisher agrees—if she writes a new book as well. But with every moment of her day spent helping her sister, she desperately needs a muse.

And Lord Escher, the man whose marriage proposal she reluctantly rejected two years ago, sparks her imagination like no one else. To write her book, she must stay near Edmund. In exchange, he requires her help ridding himself of a persistent miss. They’ll solve both problems in no time. If they can keep their hands off each other.

Can she protect her heart and her freedom, or will the cheerful viscount tempt her to say yes this second time around?

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In the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, a group of unconventional debutantes is turning heads and breaking hearts. The Debutante Dares series follows these audacious young ladies as they defy societal norms, challenging the ton's most eligible bachelors to fall madly in love.

Get ready for a whirlwind of passion, wit, and scandalous romance that will leave you breathless.


USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane traded in academic databases and scholarly journals for writing steamy Regency romcoms like the ones she’s always loved to read. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen (who else?), Toni Morrison, William Blake, Julia Quinn, and Maya Rodale.

Customer Reviews

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A delightful tale that soars to new heights as a hot air balloon on a summer’s day!

A delightful tale that soars to new heights as a hot air balloon on a summer’s day! Charlie Lane does it again, an exciting story that I could not put down. Katherine has always put everyone else first, given up much for her sisters happiness and allowed her own to wither. Edward, has stood by, biding his time because he loves her. That love, gives her the strength to pit herself first and the story that ensues is both beautiful and exciting. At the heart of The Debutante Dares is friendship, it is a remarkable love that empowers each of the girls to reach for their hearts desire. What makes the stories so utterly compelling is the growth of character. Each person in these stories has to come to some personal revelations and overcome their own shortcomings to find the strength that they already possess. Edward overcomes his own flighty nature to find the serious side to ground him, Katherine overcomes her lack of confidence to take charge of her own destiny and even Chrissy overcomes her selfish tendencies and incompetence to become a self-sufficient woman. I am completely in love with the power of the dare and it’s ability to unleash the stronger person within.

The Marginatrix
Difficult for me to like Edward & Katherine in the beginning, but they grew on me

I received an ARC of this book from Wolf Publishing. It’s part of The Dubutante Dares’ series, and finally tells the story of Edmund and Katherine. I’ve given the book only 4 stars because, while I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, I found parts of the plot and actions of the characters absolutely infuriating. Christiana (step-mother of Edmund and Jane) was incredibly annoying in A Dare Too Far, but in this story, she steps it up to a whole new level. In fact, the prologue, during which we are introduced to Christiana and Thomas, as well as Edmund and Katherine had me ready to pull my hair out. I could not have imagined more self-aborbed and self-centered characters than Christiana and Thomas, but I think it was Edmund’s tendency to make excuses for his father and Katherine’s tendency to coddle her sister that pushed me to my limits. It was difficult for me to have any respect for any of them—Christiana was self-centered, Thomas was self-entitled, Katherine was a doormat, and Edmund was helpless. Really, both Edmund and Katherine allowed themselves to be victims, and I find it difficult to feel compassion for people who refuse to stand up for themselves. I like strong heroes.

So, from the start, I had a problem. I didn’t like the characters. However, I reminded myself that I had liked them in the previous book, so I decided to give them a chance to prove themselves to me. They both had a journey to make, and ultimately, they did make it.

One of the things that impresses me about this author’s writing is her ability to echo certain metaphors throughout the book, creating a kind of metaphorical theme. In this metaphorical theme, love takes the shape of a curve of the body. When Katherine and Edmund are just beginning to know one another, not long after his mother has died, she observes this about him. “‘There’s a certain inward hollow of your shoulders when you’re thinking of your mother. Like a fallen tree.’ She whispered the last words, and they fell right on top of him. One by one, hammering him into the ground.” Not only does love take the shape of a curve, but the curve is also compared to a fallen tree, and then it is used to hammer him into the ground, where the tree would be growing. Much later in the story, Edmund finds himself admiring Katherine. “He kept his gaze trained on the curve of her back. If love had a shape, it would be that curve.” Unfortunately, I’m afraid my attempts to dissect the imagery and highlight its reappearance only serve to emphasize my inferiority in this regard. The important thing is that I’m impressed by the author.

This was a beautiful description of Edmund after making love to Katherine. “His mind seemed broken, blank, and incandescently happy.”

Katherine desperately wants to be free from taking care of her sister, Chrissy (Christiana). Edmund wants to help her to do that, even if it means she will leave him. That would devastate him, but he loves her enough to want her to be happy. She’s writing a book and hopes this will be her ticket to freedom.
“This” —her arms tightened around the folio— “this could be it.” Her gaze wandered over an ocean of dreams he wanted to cross with her. At the very least, he’d build her a boat, paint it the same color as the sea and make it tight and safe.
“This could win me my independence, my future,” she continued.
And he stood stranded on the shore, watching her shrink in her bobbing blue boat, her stormy myriad-colored hair streaming behind her.
Edmund, envisioning Katherine leaving him, is broken-hearted but silent, because he wants her to follow her dreams.

This part made me giggle out loud. What a visual! Edmund finds out that Katherine has gone to Jane and George’s home and is impatient to be with her again.

He…ran all the way to George’s townhome.
He arrived sweaty and windswept and entirely out of breath, falling through the door and laying in a puddle on the foyer floor.
The butler looked down at him, no concern showing on any lines of his face. “Lord Escher. Shall I alert the earl to your presence?”

And finally, there’s this line in the epilogue which is everything to me. They’ve put the children to bed and lay upon their own. Edmund asks Katherine, “So, shall we unmoor ourselves from the earth a bit and revel in the clouds?”

Never Give Up on Love

This is the fourth book in the Debutante Series by Charlie Lane. I love that Charlie Lane writes about people at different stages of their lives and her stories have unique characters, and are funny and witty, which was the case with our two main characters, Edmond Crenshaw, Viscount Escher and the widow Mrs. Katherine Brighton.

Lord Escher proposes to Katherine but although she desires marriage with him she choses to support her sister and declines his proposal. It is 2 years later and Lord Escher’s heart still belongs to Katherine and no one else. So when Lady Edith is set on compromising him to force marriage he seeks Katherine’s assistance in exchange he assists her in writing her book which will help her become independent.

I enjoyed that Lord Escher stayed true to his feelings for Katherine and didn’t compromise and seek the affection of another. His slow and steady pursuit of her was refreshing. I had trouble understanding why Katherine put aside her own happiness for her self centered sister. I still shake my head when I see what woman were subjected to during this period in history. I thought Katherine should have considered a better alternative then giving up her own happiness but admired the devotion she had for her sister even if she didn’t deserve it.
Ms. Lane has provided an enjoyable story about a man who refuses to give up on the woman he loves and the antics he engages in to get her to change her mind.

As with any series, you have your favorites, this one was my least favorite to date, but highly recommend this series and anxiously await the next book.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Wolf publishing.

Sizzle and humour

I found this to be a lovely and enjoyable regency romance. Edmund and Katharine are wonderful characters and this was a 'don't give up on love' story that kept me engaged to the end. A bit of sizzle and a bit of humour brings about a grand happily ever after.

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