Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)
Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)
Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)
Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)
Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)
Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)
Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)
Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)

Never Woo the Wrong Lady (Book 1)

A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship Series
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A fellow should obey the rules of courtship. Unless he’s not a gentleman.

Join the mischievous Lady Andromeda as she juggles a fake engagement and a secret lending library, where passion-filled novels spark more than just imagination. Will Tristan Kingston's courtship survive the chaos?

🔥Enemies to lovers

💛 Illegitimate hero

🔥Brother’s best friend

💛 Hero with ward

🔥Courtship lessons

💛Steamy Romantic comedy

To protect his guardianship of his beloved younger brother, newspaperman Tristan Kingston turns to courtship and marriage. But the woman must be just right—maternal, proper, and unbothered by marrying an earl's bastard. Dreamy yet practical Lady Andromeda Merriweather seems like the perfect choice.

 But she’s already taken. 

Everyone thinks Lady Andromeda is engaged to a baron in Cornwall. She’s not. It’s a ruse to hide a bigger secret: she runs an erotic lending library with her four sisters. When the confident Mr. Kingston swaggers in, announcing his intentions to court her, Andromeda’s in trouble. In every way possible.

Because she’s got a secret, and he’s a newspaperman.

Because he wants to marry her, and she’s fake engaged.

Because he kisses her, and she wants more.

He doesn't seem to care she’s unavailable. He doesn’t seem to believe it. And while his attentions threaten her secret, he’s a much bigger threat to her heart.

Grab your seat in this romantic comedy by USA Today Bestselling author Charlie Lane, where propriety meets passion! Will Tristan break the rules or win Lady Andromeda's heart? Find out in "Never Woo the Wrong Lady" – because in love, some rules are meant to be broken!

Something was off. Nothing he could clearly see,
a premonition only. But he’d learned to listen to those. It helped him see what
stories readers would spend their hard-earned money on. She’d been searching
for something when he arrived and evading his questions ever since.

She turned, punctuating the little twirl with a
growl. “Leave, Mr. Kingston. I will entertain your presence no longer.”

“What were you searching for when I entered? It
could not have been the book you spoke of. Why would it be behind a wardrobe?”

Her mouth thinned, locking something away, and
her eyes opened wide, spilling out more than she likely realized.

“Did you think to find a book behind the
wardrobe?” he repeated.

She brushed her skirts, monitoring her motions
with intense focus. “You must go court Lottie, or the other men will win her.
You need a respectable wife, yes? She’s as respectable as they come.”

Something odd about that last bit, something…

“I’m not scared of a little competition.”

“I’m sure you’re not,” she mumbled.

“Do you want me to return to your

“O-of course!”

“Do you want me to kiss your sister?”

“What kind of question is that?” There they went
again, those cheeks burning apple red.

“Do you blush everywhere, Lady Andromeda, or—”

She growled and fisted her hands in her skirts.
“Oooh! Leave. I must retrieve the book for Lady Templeton.”

“Why can’t you do so in my presence?” He hooked
his thumbs in his trouser waistband and rocked back on his heels.

Her head fell back on her neck with a moan of
frustration that his body interpreted as a moan of quite a different sort.
“This is my own personal hell, isn’t it?” She darted toward him, swung him
toward the door, circled behind him, pressed her palms into his back, and

And got nowhere.

He looked at her over his shoulder. “You think
to move me?”

She pushed again, to no avail, so she put her
shoulder against him and used her body weight. “Yes. I’d. Hoped. So.” Each word
a grunt.

He chuckled and gave way. She fell into him, and
he tried his best not to enjoy the feel of it. But too soon her feet scrambled
to right herself, and she no longer rested against him.

“Consider me moved, Captain,” he said, walking
into the hallway.

“Thank heavens. Wait. Captain?”

He watched her over his shoulder. “Because
you’re always ordering me about. Don’t despair, though. I like being ordered
about.” He winked, then left. Or almost left. He swung around and slapped his
palm into the door swinging his way, stopping it from slamming shut in his
face. “Lady Andromeda?” He beamed down at her.

She scowled up at him.

“I’ve decided not to court your sister. I’ve
decided to court you.” He’d not meant to tell her, to increase her resistance
to him, but the temptation had proven too much. He wanted her to know. Needed
her to know he pursued her and no other woman.

Her eyes were moons now, large and luminous and
panicked. She put all her weight into the door, pushed, and grunted, and he
slowly released his hold. Didn’t want her to fall. The door clicked home in its
lock, and he said, “I’ll return.”

“Go to—”

He swept down the hall before he could hear the
rest of her statement.

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What readers say...


Such a good start of a new series! There is never a dull moment in this story. It is steamy, exciting and boasts a wonderfully orchestrated, and much needed, comeuppance that will have you cheering. I can hardly wait for what comes next in the series.


You can never go wrong with Charlie Lane! I adore her writing style, the way she can evoke every single one of my feels. This story is absolutely delicious. I know of no better word, for I simply could not get enough.


I so love Charlie Lane’s books! She pens such amazing stories, with vivid characters, a beautiful prose, some humor and some angst. Can’t wait to read the following books!

Gloria Pastorino


USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane traded in academic databases and scholarly journals for writing steamy Regency romcoms like the ones she’s always loved to read. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen (who else?), Toni Morrison, William Blake, Julia Quinn, and Maya Rodale.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
I. Kohn
Passionate and Funny

A lady that runs a secret erotic library and an illegitimate son of an Earl who is a newspaperman and a good friend of the lady’s brother. Tristan sets his sights on Andromeda and her engagement doesn’t deter him from his goal to woo and wed her. However, the lady has secrets that a newspaperman cannot discover or her life would end in scandal. A must read book that has passion, secrets, and comedy.

A Pleasure to Read!

As soon as Tristan Kingston set his eyes on Lady Andromeda Merriweather he just knew that this was the lady for him.
I loved the 'huge' secret the Merriweather girls had been hiding for 4 years. Absolutely brilliant!
And simply adored all the characters and the way they all fitted together in this easy to read, funny (in parts), steamy (in others) and just perfect story.
I read an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of this delightful book and am happy to leave my review.

Truly enjoyed

I truly did enjoy this book I could not put it down I loved how the characters seems so real like I'm watching a movie can't wait for more highly recommend.
I received an ARC copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

Margaret Murray-Evans

The Duke of Clearford is responsible for a house full of sisters. He's on a mission to have them all married off by writing a book on courtship, He did promise his mother they would marry for love. Lady Andromeda's first kiss is from Mr. Tristan Kingston, a self-made man born illegitimate, yet the guardian of his half-brother, the Earl of Avelford, only thirteen years old. Something tells me the earl will have an important part in a book later in the series. Unbeknownst to their brother, the older sister's protect the lending library of certain books started by their mother. The ladies of the ton create comic relief, at the same time, the library causes concern for scandal and Andromeda and Tristan's happiness. A few of these scandalous books have been in other romance books I've read, but not with this twist. The pace was slower than her previous books and took me longer to engage, but interesting in it's complexity. Explicit sex.
I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book gifted by the author.

Rainelle Barrett
Historical Romance

Never Woo the Wrong Lady. My fellow readers are you looking for a clap happy, feel good romance story, with some oh so heated vivacious tete-a-tete moments? Then listen to this. This love story will leave you begging to be revived from some of the most amazing fun that transpires in this book. The characters without effort makes the book come alive with their exciting entertainment.
To start off with my review. Alex is my favorite thirteen year old character of all time. Tristan’s future wife will have no worries on how he will handle his children. I feel that Alex has blown up this book with his conundrum of antics, and his roller coaster of emotions shared with his brother. I love Tristan and Alex’s relationship.
There’s truly nothing like brotherly love when two brothers are there for one another. In their ups and in their downs. And will read a number of these antic with Alex and his friends. My favorite part during Triston and Andromeda’s walk in the park, is the carriage going boom (paraphrasing what Alex’s mate said). I was on pins and needles.
The end result was to much at the end of this scene. Let’s not forget about Andromeda and her sisters. Their little weekly party in the back room of their house has all the woman of nobility up in arms. Nobility and ladies of certain age covertly beg for more of shall we say (certain) books to be delivered in the most uncommon fashion. Should the sisters continue these interesting orders of supplies and demand? I’m a bit bias. But you read the book and search for the sister’s solution, to their plan of action. Let’s talk about Tristan and Andromeda. I perhaps have an idea of where Alex is learning some of his early Rakish ways. Ladies the sure deep undertone and whispers of dirty talk that spills from Tristan’s pink and pillow lips—.
Girl that man should be ashamed of himself. The man had me imagining some things get me in so much trouble. As I said before my downpour wet thoughts will not let me pass the threshold of the pearly gates. Uhhh.Yes I’ll have a tall Tristan and a cup of chocolate syrup on the side. Thank you.
Ain’t know way a man can walk around in this book and have my motor running on empty, but I’ll tell you Tristan did. Lord I just got goose bumps up and down my arms, thinking about the juicy parts that sure enough zeroed in on some of my body parts. So—. What was I talking about? Ahh yes!
Tristan and Andromeda are insanely amazing. I will talk about the characters together in a moment. I have to give some props to my Girl Andromeda. Well first off, I love Andromeda’s name. I hope that this name will be used in other historical romance novels, by some very talented writers.
Andromeda reminds me of a sure, confident and independent woman. I know that she can run numerous laps around Tristan and her sisters, and not break one hill or have a curl out of place. No matter how hard Andromeda fought it, she was pulled in by Tristan and his sultry ways of persuasion. Reel me in Tristan. Throw that line and just hook me baby!
The somewhat modern pace of the romance worked with other tools of the book. This insures the readers that they have a real good page turner here. As I stated before, the characters are simply amazing with their humor, their compassion, their love and their overwhelming persistence of making sure that their families keep their homes and love ones afloat. Just for precaution I would give Alex his own special wing. The writing is phenomenal good in this most amazing story.
I enjoyed the realism and the true romance of love. You will not be able to resist all the wholesomeness this book brings, just as I have. I give this book two snaps and a, twist. Until next time my fellow readers. Read on!
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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