Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)
Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)
Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)
Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)
Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)
Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)
Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)
Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)

Between Courting and Kissing (Book 3)

A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship Series
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To win her heart he’ll have to convince her he’s truthful. Unfortunately, he’s not.

💜 Opposites attract

🔥 Bearded hero

💜 Cinderella Regency romance

🔥 Hot & spicy

💜 Open door romance

🔥 American hero

A prim lady with mischief in mind. An American rogue with ink on his hands. A house party where everything that’s hidden will come to light.

Order should be Lady Prudence’s middle name. Unfortunately, it’s Anna, but that doesn’t stop her from making sure the little naughty lending library she helps run is perfectly organized. She’d be a happy spinster keeping everything just so if her brother would stop shoving eager suitors in her direction. Including the appallingly messy Benjamin Bailey, whose confidence would be… appealing if his beard weren’t so unkempt.

American Benjamin Bailey’s future name is Baron Brightly, but he’d rather not talk about that. He’s too busy running his printshops and trying to remember his schedule. When the Duke of Clearford offers to sell his shares of Ben’s favorite shop if he’ll pretend to court his sister, and discover her secrets, Ben agrees. Why not? The prim little lady couldn’t possibly cause any trouble.

But when fake courtship becomes real kissing at a house party for ladies who like their books slightly scandalous, Ben must decide what he wants more—a printshop that reminds him of home, or the love of a lady who makes him a better person.

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USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane traded in academic databases and scholarly journals for writing steamy Regency romcoms like the ones she’s always loved to read. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen (who else?), Toni Morrison, William Blake, Julia Quinn, and Maya Rodale.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sahar Husseini
When Fake-Courting Turns into Love

Her brother wanted him to pretend to court her so he could discover her secrets. What kind of brother would do such a thing? Luckily, love would interfere and capture hearts that had no intention of being captured. Would Prudence discover that Ben courted her at the urging of her brother, and if she did, could she forgive him? I enjoyed this entertaining historical romance.

Rosemary Muldoon

This story is about Prudence and Ben. Prudence’s brother feels she is keeping a secret, and he wants to know what the secret is. He makes a deal with his friend Ben, if Ben finds the secret he will sell Ben his stake in a printing shop. Ben pretends to court Prudence and then the pretend turns into real. I had a problem with this story line, how come Prudence’s brother take a chance on Prudence’s happiness by having someone pretend to court her. The rest of the story was well written and kept me entertained.
I received an ARC of this book and am leaving my honest opinion.

Peggy Collins
A Printing Shop and A New Guide

Samuel, The Duke of Clearford, wants to know why his sister Prudence turns away all suitors. He recruits his friend Benjamin Bailey to get the answer by pretending to court her. In return he will sell Ben his shares of the print shop they own together.
Lady Prudence Merriweather’s biggest secret is that she organizes the meetings for the ladies’ naughty lending library. Will Ben discover the secret? This is a delightful addition to series. Prudence and Ben are opposites in many ways. She is neat and organized; he is scruffy and totally disorganized. They form a friendship where she helps him neaten up and organize, and he tries to help her see her own worth. It doesn’t look like a match made in Heaven, but stranger things have happened. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. There are wonderful characters, fun, secrets, snarky banter, steamy romance, and a nice happy ending.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Donna Labrada
Another Wonderful Addition to the Series

In this book we find Prudence and Ben's story. Prudence has always felt she wasn't as good as the others in her family. She feels she is not pretty like Lottie, sweet like Andie or original like the twins. This causes her to keep to the shadows of the Ton. Ben is tasked with pretending to court her so that her brother can learn her secrets. Prudence knows he is up to something but she is not sure why. Ben begins to fall for Prudence but knows he began under false pretenses and fears she will never be able to forgive him. Loved this as much as the previous two. Can't wait for Cora's story.

I loved it! Every story leaves you eager for the next.

The ladies reading group once again has me in stitches. Priceless! I cannot say enough for this series. This group of enigmatic, rule breaking ladies are a delight. From the older matrons of the reading club to our darling Duke’s sisters. In this edition, we have Pleasant Prudence. Invisible, dutiful Prudence who keeps everything organized and ensures the Naughty library and poetry readings continue without a hitch. I adore Prudence, she is so eminently relatable in her self doubts and insecurities. So perfectly displaying how one’s own mind is their worst enemy and insecurity is often unfounded. Beastly Ben Bailey to the rescue! He’s always seen her, just maybe not as clearly as he could. In spying on her for her brother he unveils sides of Prudence he missed leaving his heart vulnerable to the darling damsel. The emotions in their story had me hitting all levels, from sorrow to joy and everything in between. The amount of delightful alliteration was perfection, how many hours of research were required to have so many perfectly poised pet names for Prudence. I loved it! Every story leaves you eager for the next.

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