A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I
A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I

A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship - Bundle I

A Gentleman's Guide to Courtship Series
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The Duke of Clearford has five marriageable sisters, and none of them are wed. But his Gentleman's Guide to Courtship will ensure success for any suitor... unless his sisters refuse to be wooed. Unless their secret reason for refusing proves too scandalous.


#1 Never Woo the Wrong Lady

Rule number one—never woo the wrong lady. But how do you know which lady is right?

Newspaperman Tristan seeks the perfect wife to protect his brother. Lady Andromeda, with a scandalous secret—a hidden erotic lending library—is in a fake engagement. When Tristan enters, sparks fly. With a persistent newspaperman, a fake engagement, and desires igniting, will love expose secrets or steal hearts?

#2 How to Romance a Rogue 

Romancing a rogue can’t be hard. Not with the right books to guide her…

Viscount Noble and Lady Charlotte Merriweather were childhood friends. Until they kissed—a moment they’ll never forget but can never repeat. He’ll do anything to avoid her, including marry another woman, and she’ll do anything to move on with her life, including courting other men. But scandal changes everything, and the one thing they promised to never do again—kiss—is the one thing they can’t stop doing.

#3 Between Courting and Kissing

He’d do anything to learn her secrets. Even shave his beard.

Lady Prudence Merriweather is the personification of order, and she’s determined to make sure her little naughty library runs smoothly for the scandal-loving ladies of the ton. When the disorganized American, Mr. Bailey follows her to house party, presumably to court her, she’s suspicious. And she should be because Ben’s not there to court; he’s there to discover her secrets. But when fake courting turns to real kisses, these opposites not only attract, they ignite emotions that could ruin them both.

Something was off. Nothing he could clearly see,
a premonition only. But he’d learned to listen to those. It helped him see what
stories readers would spend their hard-earned money on. She’d been searching
for something when he arrived and evading his questions ever since.

She turned, punctuating the little twirl with a
growl. “Leave, Mr. Kingston. I will entertain your presence no longer.”

“What were you searching for when I entered? It
could not have been the book you spoke of. Why would it be behind a wardrobe?”

Her mouth thinned, locking something away, and
her eyes opened wide, spilling out more than she likely realized.

“Did you think to find a book behind the
wardrobe?” he repeated.

She brushed her skirts, monitoring her motions
with intense focus. “You must go court Lottie, or the other men will win her.
You need a respectable wife, yes? She’s as respectable as they come.”

Something odd about that last bit, something…

“I’m not scared of a little competition.”

“I’m sure you’re not,” she mumbled.

“Do you want me to return to your

“O-of course!”

“Do you want me to kiss your sister?”

“What kind of question is that?” There they went
again, those cheeks burning apple red.

“Do you blush everywhere, Lady Andromeda, or—”

She growled and fisted her hands in her skirts.
“Oooh! Leave. I must retrieve the book for Lady Templeton.”

“Why can’t you do so in my presence?” He hooked
his thumbs in his trouser waistband and rocked back on his heels.

Her head fell back on her neck with a moan of
frustration that his body interpreted as a moan of quite a different sort.
“This is my own personal hell, isn’t it?” She darted toward him, swung him
toward the door, circled behind him, pressed her palms into his back, and

And got nowhere.

He looked at her over his shoulder. “You think
to move me?”

She pushed again, to no avail, so she put her
shoulder against him and used her body weight. “Yes. I’d. Hoped. So.” Each word
a grunt.

He chuckled and gave way. She fell into him, and
he tried his best not to enjoy the feel of it. But too soon her feet scrambled
to right herself, and she no longer rested against him.

“Consider me moved, Captain,” he said, walking
into the hallway.

“Thank heavens. Wait. Captain?”

He watched her over his shoulder. “Because
you’re always ordering me about. Don’t despair, though. I like being ordered
about.” He winked, then left. Or almost left. He swung around and slapped his
palm into the door swinging his way, stopping it from slamming shut in his
face. “Lady Andromeda?” He beamed down at her.

She scowled up at him.

“I’ve decided not to court your sister. I’ve
decided to court you.” He’d not meant to tell her, to increase her resistance
to him, but the temptation had proven too much. He wanted her to know. Needed
her to know he pursued her and no other woman.

Her eyes were moons now, large and luminous and
panicked. She put all her weight into the door, pushed, and grunted, and he
slowly released his hold. Didn’t want her to fall. The door clicked home in its
lock, and he said, “I’ll return.”

“Go to—”

He swept down the hall before he could hear the
rest of her statement.

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What readers say...


Such a good start of a new series! There is never a dull moment in this story. It is steamy, exciting and boasts a wonderfully orchestrated, and much needed, comeuppance that will have you cheering. I can hardly wait for what comes next in the series.


You can never go wrong with Charlie Lane! I adore her writing style, the way she can evoke every single one of my feels. This story is absolutely delicious. I know of no better word, for I simply could not get enough.


I so love Charlie Lane’s books! She pens such amazing stories, with vivid characters, a beautiful prose, some humor and some angst. Can’t wait to read the following books!

Gloria Pastorino


USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane traded in academic databases and scholarly journals for writing steamy Regency romcoms like the ones she’s always loved to read. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen (who else?), Toni Morrison, William Blake, Julia Quinn, and Maya Rodale.

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