Two Loves Most Unsuitable (Book 3)
Two Loves Most Unsuitable (Book 3)

Two Loves Most Unsuitable (Book 3)

Forbidden Love Series
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Two Intertwined Love Stories (A Story in Two Parts): Rules to be Broken & Hearts to be Mended

Part One: Rules to be Broken

Once, Diana Lawson was young and naïve and in love…and it saw her ruined. After years of regret and with nothing left to lose, she finally decides to live on her own terms. Arthur Abbott, Earl of Stanhope, has never met a rule he did not feel compelled to uphold. After all, what would society be without rules? And then their paths cross, and for the first time in his life Arthur’s beloved rules stand in the way of his heart’s desire.

Part Two: Hearts to be Mended

Lady Eleanor is head over heels in love…with the one man she is forbidden to marry. Aware that the woman he loves is on the brink of being married off, Henry Waltham, fifth son of Baron Caulfield, is torn between simply whisking her away to Gretna Green and the deep desire to win her hand through honest means. Of course, not all is as it seems! When is it ever?

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BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy D
Two delightful books!

I really love these books that contain two novels, intrinsically intertwined. Both books are highly entertaining with great characters. Rules to be Broken is the story of Diana Reginald and Arthur Abbott's story. Hearts to be Mended is the story of Eleanor Stanhope and Henry Waltham's love. Henry's brother Nick and Eleanor's cousin Corrine's love story too! Delightful!

A Disapproving Mother 4.5*

Impulsive, reckless and spoilt Diana Lawson had never been denied anything she desired. Convincing herself that the man on whom her heart was set was also in love with her led her to ruin her reputation in the eyes of Society and a loveless marriage with a man twenty years her senior. Now after four long years her husband has died but she is still persona non grata to the Ton. However her reckless streak resurfaces and she decides that she is done trying to kowtow to them, and then she meets a man who always follows the rules and instead of being censuring, he in instead concerned for her.
Eleanor refuses to marry Henry Waltham without her mother’s approval and Lady Stanhope objects vociferously to her daughter’s choice of husband. Eleanor’s new sister in law comes up with a plan, one where Lady Stanhope might be induced to change her mind. Instead, on setting eyes on Henry and his brother Nick, she becomes incandescent with fury and finally tells her daughter the real reason why.


I absolutely loved Diana's philosophy of why the men were permitted to write the rules for women to follow while it was quite ok for those same men to break the very same rules and do as they pleased and get away with it.
Diana and Arthur learn very quickly that in their lives the rules are meant to be broken and that both of them could break them and they could still live happily.
She is still trying to recover from being compromised and married in haste to a friend of her father with whom she has a baby. Then her husband dies...
He has a meddling mother who wants him married to a lady of her choice. He watches as his mother interferes in his sister Eleanor's love life and is aware of how miserable this situation is making her and is not sure what to do about it and certainly doesn't want mother dearest to have a say in his own choice of a wife.
And so the story begins.
Once more, a beautifully written novella which can be read either as part of this series or as a stand-alone.
It gripped me from the very beginning and I had to finish it (cursing the bit of tutoring and the lift-schemes I had to stop and do) but finish it I did!
It is full of the angst of two people who were thinking they shouldn't care for each other at all because of their circumstances while deep down they both were falling totally in love. I love the games they played, the attempts to hide their true feelings, the arrogance of his mother, Diana's young son's
cuteness and the bond of friendship Diana and Rose have for each other.
A very pleasing and entertaining story which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend.
Eleanor and Henry are crazily in love with each other but her mother is not keen for them to have a relationship at all but won't say why not. They try to find out and in order to see each other engage the help of friends.
BUT! 'the truth will out', or some such saying and this happens in a most unusual way and totally by chance.
The story itself is well written, entertaining with a mystery to solve, a love story in the making and it has its moments of joy and others of sadness too. All of this is so well told that you want to get to the happily ever after which you know will be coming up.
I am happy to say that I am a fan of Bree Wolf's story telling and am delighted to recommend this as a quick and very enjoyable read.

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