Two Loves Most Improper (Book 1)
Two Loves Most Improper (Book 1)

Two Loves Most Improper (Book 1)

Forbidden Love Series
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Two Intertwined Love Stories (A Story in Two Parts): The Wrong Brother & A Brilliant Rose

Even though Robert and Charles Dashwood are as different as night and day, neither one truly believes in love. While Robert lives from day to day, touring the continent, seeking thrill and adventure, Charles takes a rather rational-minded approach to life…and marriage.

But what happens when love finally does catch up with them? When they find themselves bewitched by a single kiss? When their hearts suddenly pause at the mere glimpse of the one woman they never thought they would find? What choices will they make then?

Part One: The Wrong Brother

Bookish Lady Isabella Carrington has always favored her mind over her heart. After all, love is nothing but a fairy tale. Robert Dashwood, Viscount Norwood, prefers traveling the world to attending tedious balls. Only when his twin brother Charles is set to marry, does Robert return home…and his path finally crosses Isabella’s!

Part Two: A Brilliant Rose

Rose Lawson, an archeologist’s daughter and quite the historian herself, stumbles over a unique creature one day: a man who cares to hear her thoughts. Rational-minded Charles Dashwood has never believed he of all people would ever find love until he meets a breathtaking, young lady in the British Museum. Their happily-ever-after is within reach…until his brother’s past suddenly catches up with them.

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BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy D
Double the pleasure

This set of two stories is delightful. Robert and Charles Dashwood are identical twins. Robert is only minutes older than Charles. As the heir, he wants nothing to do with his estate and after ruining his reputation in London, goes to the Continent to sow more wild oats. Charles on the other hand loves history and all things ancient. One of his favorite topics is the Rosetta Stone found in a British Museum. With Robert on the Continent, Charles has been left to run the estate in his absence. When Charles decides, to marry, he approaches it analytically and asks Isabelle, a bit of a bluestocking with a huge interest in antiquities, to marry him. Charles is kind and views women respectfully so she agrees. Her world is rocked when Robert Dashwood returns home for his brother's wedding. Roberts world is also rocked from its' precarious position since they meet only after the ceremony is over. The story continues in the second story with "Robert" returning to London and faces the repercussions of his previous actions. A delightful set of stories with wonderful characters!

Two Interconnecting Romances 4.5*

Twin brothers are faced with agonising choices when they fall in love, sacrifices are made, by Charles in particular but in the end both find their soulmates in these two novellas. Two enjoyable quick reads showcasing the bond between twins.

Two Great stories!

What a terrible thing to have happen. Can you imagine, you just said "I do" and you turn around and fall head over heels in love with your husband's twin brother?
This was such an amazing story with fabulous characters. It was so easy to read and follow and I just loved every moment of this first novella in this series and am very happy to recommend it to you. Enjoy!
Brilliant story
This story links in perfectly with Book 1 of this series! (The Wrong Brother). It tells us how the other twin, Charles Dashwood, falls in love with Rose Lawson and the strange situation they find themselves in.
Because of something her cousin told her, Rose doesn't want anything to do with him and he is totally clueless as to why.
Of course as this is a love story and there is a happily-ever-after to look forward to, which is so cleverly plotted by our author, Bree Wolf, you will be kept guessing as to what will happen from scene to scene in this fast paced novella.
I loved the whole concept, the wonderful characters, the clever storyline, the wit and then there is the sigh-worthy moment when Charles and Rose finally sort themselves out.

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