Two Loves Most Foolish (Book 4)
Two Loves Most Foolish (Book 4)

Two Loves Most Foolish (Book 4)

Forbidden Love Series
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Two Intertwined Love Stories (A Story in Two Parts): Winning her Hand & Conquering her Heart

Part One: Winning her Hand

Lady Winifred knows precisely how to choose the perfect husband: by making a list of suitable attributes and comparing them to the gentlemen of her acquaintance. Trent Henwood, Earl of Chadwick, is shocked when the woman he has loved all his life refuses to consider him for a husband…because he doesn’t fit her list. Determined, Trent challenges her idea of marriage, but will Winifred listen?

Part Two: Conquering her Heart

With a slew of suitors hell-bent on getting their hands on her dowry, Miss Abigail Abbott wonders what it would take to send them running for the hills. Griffin Ramsey, Earl of Amberly, seriously doubts his sister’s love for him when she insists he make the acquaintance of the most awful woman he’s ever laid eyes upon. Dressed like a giant insect, Miss Abbott seems to have made it her goal in life to inflict injury upon her fellow man. Until one afternoon changes everything and makes Griffin look at young Miss Abbott with different eyes.

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BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy D
I LOVE this book!

I love this book. I had previously read novellas found in this book but it is so fun to read them in succession. Upon returning to England after touring the world for five years, Winifred and Griffin make a pact. Griffin will find Winifred a "suitable" match and then Winifred will return the favor by finding Griffin a wonderful match. Winfred's story is in the first novella, Winning Her Hand. Griffin's amusing story is in the second novella, Conquering Her Heart. Both are delightfully entertaining!

A Pact - a brother and sister agree to help the other find a spouse

On returning from the Continent after five years, Winifred decides it is time she married. She is firmly of the belief that compatibility is the key to a happy marriage and writes up a list of her qualities that need to be matched in a husband. Love is not a requirement and certainly the annoying, irritating, teasing Trent who she has known since childhood and calls her by the unflattering nickname of Fred, is not in the running.

Abigail is grieving and not in a place to think about marriage, however her new found grandfather (a Duke) is thrusting her into the Season with a large dowry and suitors are swarming like flies. And so, she dresses in bad taste, speaks in a high pitched voice, stomps on the feet of her dancing partners and spills drinks over them. This keeps most of the suitors away but also the ladies. When Winifred strikes up conversation with her she is soon dropping most of her pretence but feels betrayed when introduced to Griffin, Winifred’s brother. Enjoyable quick story, though they fell in love too quickly for my liking.
Note: I was surprised that Abigail wasn’t in mourning for her father but wearing bright colours and dancing.

Love This Wonderful Series!

For a novella, this sure packs a lot.
Winifred has decided that it's time to get married and have a family before time runs out and she asks her brother to find her a husband, BUT, she is adamant that it cannot be a love match.
Trent, her brother's friend, has been in love with her for ages but she also doesn't want a fiery match which he would be.
So, how does one find someone that will be suitable for her?
Brilliant story, very clever theme and as usual it has been extremely well written and held my attention throughout.
I loved both of the main characters' strengths and weaknesses, the way they teased each other and the clever way Trent went about getting her to notice his good points.
This is a beautiful story that has happy ending and as I enjoyed it so much, I am happy to recommend it.

This is Griffin and Abigail's story and tells us what his sister, Winifred, does to find him a wife - much to his dismay.
It is beautifully written (as is usual for this author) and packs a lot into a novella sized story which is full of twists and turns and mischief and shows very clearly that it is possible to go against the 'normal' and still have a great outcome.
I just loved Abigail's cleverly thought out plan to not get a husband which she puts into action going against her father's insistence that she get married very soon.
Bree Wolf has never disappointed me with her stories and this novella was yet another example of excellent craftsmanship.
I happily recommend this as a very enjoyable and entertaining story.

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