Two Loves Most Baffling (Book 2)
Two Loves Most Baffling (Book 2)

Two Loves Most Baffling (Book 2)

Forbidden Love Series
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Two Intertwined Love Stories (A Story in Two Parts): The Forgotten Wife & An Unwelcome Proposal

Part One: The Forgotten Wife

One wintry morning, William Everett, Earl of Harrington, is thrown off his horse…and the memory of his beloved wife is wiped from his mind. Suddenly a stranger to her own husband, Catherine Everett agrees to a daring plan, one that will free William from any obligation to love a woman he cannot remember while allowing him to lose his heart to her all over again. But what if he doesn’t?

Part Two: An Unwelcome Proposal

Christine Dansby never wanted marriage, but longs for love and passion. Wesley Everett, brother to the Earl of Harrington, could not agree more…at least to the latter. Awed by her daring spirit, Wesley realizes he cannot bear the thought of ever losing her to another. But what if Christine does not accept his proposal?

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BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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Two Sisters/Two Brothers

Catherine is distraught when her husband loses all memory of her but her sister comes up with a plan for the two of them to rediscover their love.

Christine doesn’t plan to marry but would like to experience intimacy with a man, specifically her sister’s brother in law; unfortunately he decides on marriage or nothing. Battle lines are drawn!

Beautiful Stories & Highly Recommended!

Seems like every time I read one of Bree Wolf's stories it becomes my favorite one.
This particular one resonated on my heart strings as I read how a husband lost his memories of the last 5 years after an accident and he also seems to have lost the love he had for his wife, not that he can even remember having married her nor loving her.
His sister-in-law hatches a plan to reawaken his feelings for his wife, but will this work? You will have to read this stand-alone novella to find out.
The story is beautifully written with deep and strong characters, each one playing a crucial and brilliant part to make the story come alive.
I really did enjoy this book thoroughly and recommend it so that you too can be pleasantly entertained should you choose to read it.
We met Christine and Wesley in the 3rd novella of this series and I am totally amused at the reversal of roles where the male wants to get married and the female is adamant that she does not. This was such a brilliant concept and so unusual that it had me chuckling most of the time.
Bree Wolf has once again written a brilliant story.
Did I enjoy it? Most definitely!
Would I recommend it? Again, yes, most definitely!
So if you want a really great read with lots of fun moments and a terrific story with really strong characters and a wonderful subject matter then you must read this novella (but I would suggest that you read the 3rd one first so that you get the full picture).

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