Once Upon an Aggravatingly Heroic Kiss (A Christmas Prequel)
Once Upon an Aggravatingly Heroic Kiss (A Christmas Prequel)

Once Upon an Aggravatingly Heroic Kiss (A Christmas Prequel)

The Whickertons in Love Series
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Determined to perform a Christmas miracle by seeing her friend wed to the man she loves, Edith finds herself distracted from her task by a teasing gentleman with wicked eyes and a devilish smile... A captivating Christmas romance!

A meddlesome lady.
An honor-bound lord.
And quite a few misunderstandings.

England 1749: LADY EDITH WESTON, daughter to the EARL OF SWANSBOROUGH, is determined to see her friend wed to a man she loves. Unfortunately, Lady Adele, however, has been promised since birth and refuses to break her father’s heart by going against his wishes. Edith, though, cannot accept that, and when she sees the first stirrings of love between her dearest friend and a visitor from the north that Christmas, she is determined to work a miracle.

JASPER BEAUMONT, EARL OF WHICKERTON, made the monumental mistake of promising his father upon his deathbed that he would wed within the year. Unfortunately, eleven months and far too many days have passed without a suitable bride in sight. At least, until he visits Cumberton Castle for the holidays and his path crosses that of a most intriguing young lady.

Never having been one to mind her own business, Edith does what she must to prove to her friend that one must never give up on love. A statement ringing all the more true when Edith finds her every move observed by a teasing gentleman with wicked eyes and a devilish smile…who, oddly enough, does not seem to disapprove of her meddlesome tendencies.

Impressed by Lady Edith’s quick wit, Jasper watches as she directs all those around her like a gifted puppeteer, determined to ensure her friend’s happiness. Only before long, he comes to wonder if perhaps…he, too, has been caught in her web, doing precisely what she wants him to.

The only question: could she possibly want him?

This Christmas novella is a prequel to USA Today bestselling author Bree Wolf's WHICKERTONS IN LOVE series. The novella was previously published in the Holiday Anthology: Naughty or Nice. The novella can be read as a standalone book.

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BREE WOLF is a USA Today bestselling author and award-winning word wizard, who is rarely seen without a book in hand or fingers glued to the keyboard.

Customer Reviews

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A fun Christmas story

I love the Wickertons, add a Christmas gathering and you have a perfect story! This story didn’t disappoint. Once Upon an Aggravatingly Heroic Kiss, a part of the Whickertons in Love series, is a truly heartwarming story. This series has the best characters, the Wickertons are such an entertaining family! This delightful story from Bree Wolf is infused with warmth and humor. I enjoyed the story of Lady Edith. Grandma Edie has always been my favorite character in this series. It was great to read about the beginning of her mischievous matchmaking efforts. Now, we also know her connection to the MacKinnear’s. This is another charming and romantic love story that I highly recommend. It shows us that anything is possible, especially with Lady Edie’s help!

Lesley Walsh
Read in the Naughty or Nice Anthology.

Novella - if readers have read any of the Whickertons in Love series, then here you get to read Grandma Edie’s love story whilst she is meddling in the life of her best friend. Delightful.

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