Knight of Destiny (Book 5)
Knight of Destiny (Book 5)

Knight of Destiny (Book 5)

The Sisterhood of Secrets Series
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In this sweet Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Monroe, a strongheaded woman meets her match when an arrogant knight vows to take over the very theater she cherishes.

A Knight with a destiny. A secret that can unravel it.
Sir Aaron Kirkwood knows no woman can resist his good looks or charms. With no time for romance, his focus is on the local theater, which he hopes to turn into a gentlemen’s club. His first point of resistance, however, comes from a wild and undisciplined beauty from the local school for young women. Miss Dunston is flirty, and her pouty lips are tempting, but Aaron knows what it will take to tame her.

Her beauty is her strength, and she’ll use it to guarantee the arrogant knight’s failure.
A secret past has ensured that no man will ever be able to love Miss Louisa Dunston, thus forever sealing her destiny. Living part of her life as a lie, she uses her looks to hide the pain she carries inside. When a handsome yet arrogant knight attempts to purchase the local theater, Louisa knows she must do whatever it takes to stop him. Even if it means lowering herself to his standards and playing a dangerous and flirtatious game.

Two secrets, one destiny.
Sir Aaron finds that with each talk of compromise, the passion and kisses he shares with Louisa are becoming too much to resist. As his feelings change, he fears she may learn the secret behind his newly bestowed title. And for Louisa, what begins as a way to save the theater turns into something far more pleasurable. In their quest for love, can they accept one another’s pasts and change their destinies forever?

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USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Monroe writes Regency romances you can’t resist. Her stories are filled with first loves and second chances, dashing dukes, and strong heroines. Each turn of the page promises an adventure in love and many late nights of reading.

Customer Reviews

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Written with an air of mystery and an ever present current of growing love

Monroe writes another charming tale of the Sisterhood of Secrets. Written with an air of mystery and an ever present current of growing love, this is a sweet tale of personal growth. What stands out most in this story is the remarkable growth of our main characters. It is easy to understand the enemies to lovers proponent as one cannot help but loathe our knight, Sir Aaron. He is vain, pompous and incredibly condescending. But then when we look closely at Louisa, we see she too is vapid, insincere and incredibly naive. But as they begin to work together, they each learn many valuable lessons that help them to change their selfish views and come to be wonderful people in the end. We also learn a bit more about our esteemed headmistress, Mrs.Rutley and what her secrets hide. I am eager to read Ruth’s story next, as she might just be the most compelling sister of all. Her secrets seem to be the best kept and I can’t wait for their reveal.

Pat Robinson
Very Amusing

Put 2 very prideful, arrogant, willful people together in a room …..and watch the fur fly! This was a very amusing tale of a Hero and Heroine who absolutely hate one another…..if for the fact they are very much the same! I loved how the author made each one different in their own thought processes, yet refused to acknowledge what they saw in each other were themselves as well! Some of the banter was hilarious, some frustrating, some just plain irritating, but all together, this made for a wonderful story. At times I wanted to kick the Knight right in the butt but had to remember that he was taught what society felt was right at the time. Louisa is a bit of a loose cannon who thinks her way is the best way. To watch each of them grow is heartwarming and there were some tearful moments. I loved Ruth and her very feisty attitude. Mrs Rutley is second Mom to all and I loved her style! Can’t wait to see how this series ends!

I received an ARC copy for free and these are my own opinions

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