Captain of Second Chances (Book 6)
Captain of Second Chances (Book 6)

Captain of Second Chances (Book 6)

The Sisterhood of Secrets Series


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In this sweet Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Monroe, a young woman fights for a second chance with a former captain who is haunted by his past.

A Captain lost at sea

After a devastating shipwreck kills several of his crewmen, Captain Luke Bannerman has sworn off all aspects of his former life—including Miss Ruth Lockhart, the flaming-haired beauty he once loved. Now working for the Bow Street Runners, Luke is sent to the small village of Chatsworth to investigate a decades-old murder involving the headmistress of the very school Ruth attends. Although he has a duty to fulfill, the old feelings he has shut away resurface, making him reconsider what he has cast off…

Her love will bring him home

Miss Ruth Lockhart once dreamed of marrying Captain Bannermann and sailing the high seas. But a heartbreaking letter brought that dream to a crashing end. When the handsome Luke unexpectantly reappears, Ruth finds the strong and gentle man gone, replaced by one who is broken and lost. Although her heart yearns for a second chance, Ruth knows the cost of having her captain returned to her may prove to be more than she can pay.

Only the truth will calm a storm of secrets…

Suspecting a second chance is on the horizon, Ruth aids Luke in the search for the truth. But as the investigation unfolds, Ruth realizes her own secrets may be the very thing that will keep them apart.
As for Luke, he must decide which man he wants to be—the brave captain Ruth once knew or the Bow Street Runner who uncovers an unsettling truth that could ruin their chance at happiness…

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USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Monroe writes Regency romances you can’t resist. Her stories are filled with first loves and second chances, dashing dukes, and strong heroines. Each turn of the page promises an adventure in love and many late nights of reading.

Customer Reviews

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Ruth was definitely the story that held the most suspense

Ruth was definitely the story that held the most suspense. Throughout the Sisterhood of Secrets, Ruth has always been a little mysterious and definitely mischievous. Her story having started years earlier made it all the more compelling. It is told with that air of mystery, and a lot of heart. What makes this story stand out from the rest though is that it is more than just a love story between a couple but also the love of found family. That is exactly what Mrs. Rutley is to Ruth, and their story is equally captivating as her and her Captain’s. There has always been questions around Mrs.Rutley and it was satisfying to finally have those answers. I truly enjoyed this story and its conclusion had me in tears. An ending befitting the grace and honour that made up Mrs. Agnes Rutley. Her life and friendship being one of immense love and support above all else.

Pat Robinson

This is a delightful finish to Ms. Monroe’s series Sisterhood of
Sisters books. It is a wonderful finish with Ruth and her Captain.
I loved how Ruth was so feisty and unwilling to allow her Captain to
Wallow in self-pity. Her desire to see the world becomes a secondary
Goal as she tries to save her wonderful school mistress and see justice done.
The real culprit is finally revealed and was quite a surprise to me. To see
The villain of all the books finally see the light was wonderful to see as well.
I almost wish that Amy got her own story! A wonderful ending to a
Wonderful series and I was truly saddened to see it end.

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